4 Sales Tips to Equip You For a New Era and Win More Sales

Long gone are the days of “wining and dining” to win over a sales prospect.

That’s a luxury that seems quaint and antiquated now that your prospects have already gone on with the business of doing their own research — virtually to the point of reaching their own conclusions.

But you already knew that.

The question is what are you doing to adapt to a sales landscape that’s increasingly shifting to an inbound model?

Navigating this new territory appears to require a combination of old-school approaches to make sure you’re still connecting with prospects, along with new technology that keeps you efficient.

If you handle it effectively, you could be in a win-win situation that has you standing out from the competition.

Here are four ways you can win more sales with today’s more informed prospects:

1. Get in the game of inbound marketing.

Onboard new sales repsBy now, your team already has developed an inbound marketing model — providing potential prospects with plenty of online content to help them find answers to their challenges at different stages of their customer journey.

But if you’re not constantly updating and building out a robust content strategy, you could be losing to the competition.

Constantly study analytics to find out which areas are underperforming — or where prospects seem to be dropping off, to make sure you’re filling in those gaps.

Also, make sure you’re surpassing the competition. Always have the mindset to outperform everyone else out there with well-written engaging content, videos, webinars, and other online material.

2. Pick up the phone more quickly.

The sooner you call a warm lead, the better.

Did they show an interest in your product and services? Left their contact info? Get on the phone and call.

According to a study by Lead Response Management, “the odds of making a successful contact with a lead are 100 times greater when a contact attempt occurs within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes after the lead was submitted.”

Another study by InsideSales.com revealed that 35 to 50 percent of sales were awarded to the vendor who responded first.

Don’t delay. Follow up immediately.

3. Don’t neglect your networking.

Sure, times have changed. The steak dinners may be a thing of the past. But networking is an essential component of the sales business. Actively reach out to people on social platforms like LinkedIn, and ask customers and friends for referrals. Having someone vouch for you can turn a cold lead into a warm lead.

Actively reach out to people on social platforms like LinkedIn, and ask customers and friends for referrals. Having someone vouch for you can turn a cold lead into a warm lead.

Having someone vouch for you can turn a cold lead into a warm lead.

4. Use technology to become more efficient in selling.

While sales have changed, one challenge remains the same: there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to handle all your responsibilities as a sales rep.

Sales enablement tools that boost efficiency from the front-end to the back-end of the sales process can help you and your team better manage presentations to handle calls.

Explore them to see how you can reduce the amount of time it takes to make a connection and close a deal.

How Mobile Sales Apps Can Help You Win More Sales

Imagine that you’re going to a sales call with a busy executive.

win more sales with mobile sales toolsLet’s say they give you less than 10 minutes to present your case, and you have to use every minute effectively.

Do you really want to be spending three minutes of that getting your computer up and running, another two trying to get the right password for the WiFi, and another two to load your PowerPoint presentation?

Let’s be honest: no one likes when they have to wait. And the scenario above is probably not that uncommon.

But there is a better way: mobile sales apps.

Mobile sales tools are no longer a remnant of the future; they’re here to stay.

Sales reps need to be able to pull out their phone, tablet, or desktop at any time — without needing to connect to the Internet.

Why? Because if you can do that, then you can support the notion of “right message, right time, right place”.

And your reps will be equipped to sell more in real-time. What marketing manager doesn’t want that?

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