Volume Purchase Program – Installing multiple copies of an app on a sales teams’ iPads can be easy with the right knowledge.  This article details how we advise our customers deploying iPads for the first time or in bulk for a secondary deployment that are not using an MDM Solution.

So you’re the Mar-Com or IT manager that has to set-up a bunch of iPads for your National Sales Meeting. If you have any new employees getting their iPad for the first time, here’s a great guide to making sure their launch goes smoothly.

Now, you want to install a few business apps for your team like Numbers or QuickOffice before the team gets their iPads, but you are not using at MDM tool like AirPlay or Mobile Iron.

Apple has made this process fairly painless through their Volume Purchasing Program for business mobility.  (Although the cryptic name makes it hard to find!)

Apple describes it like this, “Whether you’re providing apps to ten employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute the apps your business needs.”

Here’s the link to learn more. Apple Business Volume Purchase Program.

How the Volume Purchase Program Works

The process is fairly painless and you don’t have to add an Apple ID to everyone’s iPad or a company credit card.

  1. Essentially, you will register for the Volume Purchase Program and get a log-in from Apple.
  2. Then find the app or apps you want to purchase.
  3. Enter the number of licenses you need and Apple will send you a spreadsheet with links to download the app for each person on your team.
  4. You email the links INDIVIDUALLY and, your users click on the link to install the app from the Volume Purchase Program App Store.

It really is that easy.  We do recommend that you keep track of who gets the links so you monitor the number of downloads and troubleshoot as needed.  We just helped a company deploy and provision 46 iPads in a couple of hours, so I can attest that it works well in a hurry.