Show off? Or coach them along the way? When it comes to regularly hitting your team’s sales quotas, the path on how to best achieve those goals can get murky. If you know you have what it takes to be the top sales performer, you may be faced with the constant temptation to take over the sales instead of putting in the time to coach the underperforming sales reps on your team.

The transition from a top performer to an effective sales leader who can duplicate her success among numerous team members can be difficult; yet it is what can propel you to a successful career as a sales executive.

Here’s how you can create a formidable sales team through great leadership:

  1. Regularly provide feedback. When you have underperforming team members, avoid the temptation to simply criticize or take over. Join them on sales meetings without leading the conversations. Instead, provide constructive feedback – giving specific details on how the sales rep can improve during the next sales call or pitch.
  2. Be a student yourself. Just because you were a knockout sales performer doesn’t mean those skills easily translate into a great manager. Be relentless in getting coaching from a mentor who is outstanding as a leader. Ask your company to invest in management training courses to help you make the transition. Don’t assume managing others will come easy.
  3. Set a series of goals. You have your monthly goals. Your quarterly and annual goals. More than likely, they involve a number. Resist the temptation to focus on dollars as the only sign of a conversion. With the average sales cycle starting long before you show up for a conversation, you can find numerous ways to measure a sales reps progress in reaching a series of goals. Consider what works for your company.
  4. Recognize progress and milestones. Think of creative ways to regularly highlight the accomplishments of your team members. It could be as simple as sharing the techniques each sales rep used during a team meeting. Avoid resorting to routines that don’t require a lot of thought, such as passing out gift cards on desks. Invest more time and funds to host events at the biannual and annual marks. Of course, financial incentives, such as bonuses for top performers, are an effective means for keeping your reps motivated.

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