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Members of our Customer Success Team are hitting the exhibit hall trail with customers helping with their trade show sales app.

At each show they attend, they report back to us the same surprising trend performed by many of the other exhibiting companies: Most companies are still handwriting orders on paper.

It’s abundantly clear many companies that heavily rely on trade shows for sales and lead generation have not discovered the benefits of utilizing a trade show sales app.

Many companies today have a CRM, like or Microsoft Dynamics.

Most are already using marketing automation like Marketo.

Why in the world would sales reps in a trade show booth still jot down order information on a glorified contact form?

Since you already have a pencil and paper out for handwriting those orders, let’s see just how much time is wasted by not using a trade show sales app.

Paper Order Forms vs. Trade Show Sales App

If it takes on average five minutes to complete a handwritten order, and 500 orders are collected at the show, that equals 2,500 minutes.

That’s more than 40 hours.

That’s more than an entire work week of taking orders.

Hope your company has great medical benefits because that’s a lot of hand cramping.

But the fun isn’t over just yet.

Now your sales and shipping departments have to decipher what the order reads through smears and coffee stains.

The rep was in such a hurry to finish writing this order, now even he can’t read the customer’s credit card number or phone number to call him back for confirmation.

Is the product in stock? Maybe it was last week at the show, but now you’re on backorder.

You’re adding more time to fulfilling these orders by not using a trade show sales app.

FatStax allows companies to easily search for and share their products and collateral that prospects need in real time from just a couple taps on their iPad sales app. We have many customers that have experienced results using FatStax in their trade show booths.

In fact, we used our very own trade show sales app at Dreamforce to gather leads.

FatStax is capable of real-time communication with prospects via the iPad coupled to marketing automation. Bottom line, it nets big results.

The benefits of a trade show sales app are it will save you hours of post show work typing information into a CRM leaving prospects assigned properly and ready to have conversations, receive orders, and begin nurturing for future sales.

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