“We often bring non-Sales people to trade shows. Because FatStax is so user friendly, everyone’s been able to figure it out and start using it very quickly,” – Danielle Freedman, Trade Show Manager

Our Trade Show App Team has helped to grow…

  • Life sciences companies  who attend 100s of smaller table top shows per year. (New England Biolabs, Miltenyi, Cell Signaling Technology)
  • Logistics software companies who wanted to end dependence on badge scanners at trade shows. (Kewill)
  • A digital energy global powerhouse that creates their own mini-trade shows at research facilities and universities. (GE Digital Energy)

They understand your markets, challenges, and threats, and can help your team improve the ROI of any trade show with the detailed product collateral you need in a logically organized platform – wherever booth staff need to qualify leads.

How we typically help companies with trade shows

  • They do 5+ trade shows a year and need to prove the ROI to their boss.
  • They are using badge scanners to “capture leads” and emailing the list with no measurable results.
  • Their sales reps show up to the booth and blow through $1000s of printed collateral and fail to link interest with specific prospects.
  • They attend many smaller “table top shows” and are using paper forms to collect prospect information. The forms are illegible and have to be manually entered into CRM.

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How do I actually find qualified buyers at trade shows

and get them to buy faster?

Creating a compelling booth strategy that gets tons of prospects stopping by is really hard.

But proving that prospects who came by your booth actually bought something? Even harder.

We’ve been there. Our first ever trade show was Dreamforce in 2014. We spent $37,000.00 and got exactly ZERO closed deals from the 350+ badges we scanned.

Heck, we even traded leads with 5 other Marketers to get our list to 15oo “leads” and NONE of those went anywhere either.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to go back to your investors as a start-up founder and tell them you spent $37,000 of their money got a big fat nothing for it.
If your trade show strategy consists of crossing your fingers, email blasting a bunch of people that let you scan their badge, and praying they’ll buy something from your reps, you’ve gone astray.
Truth is, it’s hard to qualify leads in your booth and prove they went on to become loyal customers. Mainly because most of us have no idea what we’re doing.
We don’t know stuff like…
  • How to “qualify” prospects at a trade show and focus on the 10% that will actually buy something
  • How to “tag” a booth prospect with a topic of interest and automate marketing email and call sequences that are targeted to their specific needs
  • How to set up your Marketing Automation system and CRM system workflows to properly log trade show related activities and route prospects to targeted follow-up campaigns
  • How to successfully automate assigning leads to the right BDRs and sales people immediately from the trade show floor
  • How to stop printing and shipping so many materials for trade shows

As a Marketer, you’re busy trying to trying to create awesome experiences that drive highly qualified prospects down the funnel and get them to buy more products. Spending time figuring out how to build better apps for trade shows and tie them to your systems is a giant time suck.

Following up with leads from your trade show booth should be easy, not a grueling two week chore.

It’s the end of all your hard work. Spending months trying to deliver leads to the right reps, curating spreadsheets, uploading .csv files to your CRM, and email spray and pray is a horrible experience that zaps your will to live.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, though.  You just need a plan and a strategy team to make it easy.

Clients and Results


Case Study

Danielle Freeman, Digital Marketing Manager

New England Biolabs, Inc


“The implementation process was a breeze.”


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Here’s your three step approach to get started fast

Take our proven plug-and-play app launch templates and use them

FatStax comes with some easy to use templates for your next trade show.  Our team will even help you upload the materials you need and set up all the organization for you.  Just choose the setup you like and use it.

Use Our Simple Form Builder to Create a Lead Capture Form

You’ll need at least one form or survey to capture leads and qualify them during your trade show.  Just let our team know what information you need to capture and, your form will magically be in your app.

Hook your app up to your Marketing Automation Platform

Our team will help you set up the connector and map your relevant fields. Out-of-the box connectors include Salesforce.com, Dynamics, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and many more. No system of record? Results can be emailed or downloaded to a .csv file.


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  • One 30 min training session
  • Email lead list to yourself as a .csv
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  • We’ll do all the heavy lifting and ensure everything is perfect for your next big trade show. In addition, we’ll train your booth staff and sales team so that everyone gets the maximum chance to succeed at the show and after the show.
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