FatStax is on Top!

Over the past month, the FatStax iPad Sales App has been grabbing a lot of attention from prominent tech writers for its convenient and valuable features for sales and marketing teams alike. We work hard to provide a service that’s valued by our marketing and sales customers. And, it’s great to hear such kind words from tech experts too! Don’t rely just on what we say. Take a look at what our friends at Gaebler, CRN, and Mobile Enterprise are saying…

Gaebler: Adding iPads To The SMB Sales Team

Our friends at Gaebler offered some of our tips in their most recent article. Thanks for the support!

“But the process of introducing iPads into a SMB sales environment can be challenging. To help ease the transition, mobile sales app provider FatStax offers several tips designed to streamline the rollout of iPads to sales teams.”

CRN: The Daily App: FatStax For iPad

Katie Hoss of CRN is a HUGE fan of FatStax’s CRM integration. After giving a nice overview of the company, Katie stopped to admire our ability to create a more convenient platform for sales and marketing professionals. After all, we are here to help you sell better!

“FatStax works with a secure FatStax-compatible cloud database and back-end. FatStax also provides Salesforce.com CRM integration, helping to improve sales activity information and eliminating the double-entry administrative task.”

Mobile Enterprise: iPad Sales App Provides “Wow” Factor

Mobile Enterprise featured a FatStax user story, explaining the amazing support that FatStax provides for New England Biolabs, a company that specializes in providing the basic building blocks performing genomic research. With a little help from the FatStax Customer Success Team, NEB was able to successfully implement the iPad for their sales team in a matter of weeks. We love it when a plan comes together!

“NEB (New England Biolabs) relied on the FatStax team to help quickly deploy the app. ‘The implementation process was a breeze – we didn’t even need to involve our IT department,’ says Danielle Shnider.”

Thanks for all of your support!