We have invited an all-star team of top sales experts to get straight to the point about how iPad’s can help close more sales. What is the value of the iPad as a sales tool?

Why is it so compelling that corporations like Medtronic, Verizon, and KLA Tencor are deploying thousands of iPads to sales teams?

Why should companies be investing in iPads for sales teams?

These are the questions that businesses small and large need to answer.

To help you make that decision for your organization, we talked to people whose passion and profession is sales and sales training and asked them to help you understand the power of the iPad in sales situations.

Introducing the iPad Power Selling Series.

Here are the articles…Enjoy!

Matt Hill: Using the iPad at Tradeshows

Mark Hunter: The Power of Showing vs. Telling by Using the iPad on a Sales Call

Andy Paul: The Right iPad App: High Octane Fuel for Your Sales Engine

Anthony Iannarino: Arm Your Sales Force with iPads to Build Strong Client Relations

Nancy Nardin: 30 Seconds Matter: How the iPad Delivers Revenue Growth

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