This article was updated on March 30, 2016 after my 3rd successful try at texting a prospect I had never met before during an in-person sales call.

Grant Cardone -10XIf you’re a sales person, you gotta hustle.

I used to believe it was rude to pull out my iPhone during in-person meetings with prospects. However, for third time this year I successfully got a prospect to text himself our pricing PDF from my phone to his today.

Cell phones for business? This sales tactic really works.

Here’s where I got the idea.

Last December, I listened to a webinar titled ‘Cold Calling Secrets‘ with outspoken sales training guru Grant Cardone that completely changed the way I felt about pulling out my cell phone during in-person meetings with prospects (You can listen here or read the transcript., @hirevue).

I’ve re-read the transcript quite a few times since I watched the webinar.


Because the tactics Grant outlined are so alarmingly simple for using your cellphone even while prospecting with your landline or power dialer.

Here’s the crux of it in his own words…

“I’ll give you one little trick real quick.

Did you know that if I have a headset on and I’m taking a phone call, I want my mobile phone in this hand because I want to text to that customer, that prospect, the person asking for questions.

I want to to text them during the call.

It improves your chance at an appointment by 500% and your chances of closing a sales deal by 328% by merely saying, “Can I text you some data while you’re asking the best price or our proposal or the warranty or you’d like to see what this product is made of or what the FDA said about this or that? I can text that to you right now.”

Texting during an actual phone call will increase your appointment ratio, your appointment show ratio and ultimately ring a cash register.” (full transcript here).

Wait a minute.  500% more appointments and 328% more closed deals?  That’s nuts.

So for the sake of argument, let’s say Mr. Cardone is off by an order of magnitude (divide by 10).

Wouldn’t you want to play ball in a sales game with 50% more approved appointments and 32.8% more closed deals?

Thus the tactic, I’m going to share with you now with my exact phrasing for you to steal, borrow, and use.


Here’s what happened today according to my Activity log in

Chris and I met in his conference room this morning.

We had a conversation about replacing badge scanners with an iPad app tied to Pardot during trade shows for his team. Chris’s team was experiencing a pretty long lag between scanning a badge, getting the leads, loading them into Pardot, and ultimately adding them to a nurture track.

After about 20 minutes, Chris directly asked me for pricing information on FatStax.

I pulled up our pricing one page PDF on my iPhone.

Handed him my phone.

And said, “Here, just text it to yourself. I’m too stupid to remember all the details and, most people just forget or, I have to email it to them later.”

He texted himself from my phone in about 10 seconds flat.


The text came through.

He opened the PDF on his phone.

Fifteen minutes ago he accepted my invite to talk on Monday further about the deal.

Your real prospects will let you text them directly.

We made this short video to illustrate the point.