Modernize Field Tech Support with Universal Access to Critical Information

Most generic field sales apps and tech support portals are designed for companies with less than 100 products/services making these tools poorly suited to scale for companies with 500+ products accompanied by 1000s of supporting materials.
FatStax Field Service Apps features are purpose built to make it easy to find the right material even when there are 1000s to sort through anywhere, anytime your field teams need it.
It’s like a second brain for all your field service materials.

The Following Features Can Be Configured in a Stand-Alone Field Solutions App or Combined with other Fatstax Features for an Even More Powerful and Customized Solution

Easily Access 1000’s
of Field Service Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Create an engaging experience for customers by providing total access to all your supporting documentation right at your field teams’ fingertips.

Suggest Replacement Parts from Your Portfolio

Add custom hyperlinks and tags on individual product pages to easily jump to replacement parts or updated products in a field sales app with an Amazon-like experience.

Capture Critical Customer Feedback and Route Requests

Use mobile optimized forms and surveys when meeting with customers to route support requests and prevent data loss.