Sales professionals often define their own processes, they think they know what works best for them as well as for their customers/clients generally speaking. Some will even try to figure out the best processes for their company, thus the Bring Your Own iPad- (BYOI) comments we hear so much about these days.

As the lead or a member of your company’s mobility project, many of you are looking for ways to equip your sales team with tools that will help them close more deals… thus I bet you are looking at iPads to lead a mobile revolution at your company.

As you know or at least have been led to believe…

…the iPad can be a very effective tool for increasing access to standardized marketing collateral like PDFs, PowerPoints, Videos, and Product Catalogs, which can help create a more seamless sales process for teams in the field. 

But how do you get an iPad launch right the first time? What are the fastest ways to turn around ROI and show the higher ups you made the right call?

Over the past 2.5 yrs, we have worked with 1000s of sales people to get iPads launched with Apps that drive sales. We’d like to share with you 8 Steps to Adding the iPad to your sales arsenal and hope that you avoid some of the mistakes we have witnessed and helped to erase.

Step 1 : Define what success will look like

Define what success will look like.  Close your eyes for  a second and visualize yourself sitting in the CEO’s office telling them about how the iPad project you ran is increasing sales or saving the company $megabucks on printing. That’s the look of success.

Will the sales team send you a Christmas card thanking you? Or will they groan every time they see “mobility meeting” in their inboxes?

The key for you and your company is to determine if and how the iPad best fits into your sales process to drive a success measure that can be defined.

To do this it is important first take stock of your sales process in general.

Is it B2B?

Distributor driven?

Multiple stake holders?

Trade Shows important?

And ask yourself what one thing could iPads and a sales app improve?

Here’s a few possibilities…

  1. Increase sales of new products and services
  2. Get more face time with customers
  3. Save on printing costs
  4. Get greater visibility into channel sales reps or independent reps
  5. Enable Channel Sales Reps
  6. Keep your sales team using the most up to date collateral
  7. UP Selling
  8. Generate Leads at trade shows

… the possibilities are endless and IMPORTANT TO DEFINE.

Having that clear and defined sales process will help you determine how the iPad will be successful. (If your company is currently without an established process, now may be the ideal time to create one and include the implementation of the iPad as a sales tool.)

So what does success look like for your company?