Spring has finally sprung here after a brutal winter here in Indiana, which means it’s time to start spring cleaning your mobile sales enablement collateral.

There are substantial benefits to going through all of your mobile sales enablement collateral and giving it a thorough cleaning.

Your team’s collateral is an important part to breaking down the walls between sales and marketing. Marketing creates mobile sales enablement collateral with the feedback and ideas from sales reps in the field.

The two departments must work as one to ensure current mobile sales enablement collateral is up to date, and to find holes where new collateral is needed for overcoming objections and streamlining the sales process.

So now that you’ve opened the windows in your office to listen to those birds sing, start your mobile sales enablement collateral spring cleaning with these tips in mind:

Plan Out Your Cleaning

A good starting point before you put on the rubber gloves is to run an analytics report on all mobile sales enablement collateral in use.

What collateral is used the most? What is being used the least? What collateral was added to our mobile sales tool longest ago?

These are great questions to ask going into your analytics report deep dive. They will offer context to your content, and even show you what needs the most cleaning up.

Dust Off Older Collateral

Sure there will be some old collateral still available for your sales reps, but just because it’s an oldie doesn’t mean it’s not a goodie.

There’s a difference between old collateral that’s just taking up space for your sales team, and old collateral that needs dusted off.

With mobile sales tools, like FatStax, you can make certain pieces of collateral more visible by adding them to the app’s home screen. This will allow new light to shine on an older piece of collateral that still serves a purpose.

The analytics report may show you which mobile sales enablement collateral needs a feather duster.

Take Out The Trash

Down deep at the bottom of your marketing collateral folders, you could find some very old mobile sales enablement collateral that is still available for use. But when I say old, I’m talking to the point it’s outdated.

If you take the time and search through your content, I’m sure you’ll come across some old product specs that are outdated or case studies on clients you’ve lost. If it’s inaccurate or outdated beyond saving, take it out to the trash and get it out of your sales reps’ hands.

Be sure to track what you are throwing out. There could still be a need to replace that content’s purpose.

Spruce Up With New Creative

Maybe some of your mobile sales enablement collateral just needs a fresh coat of paint.

A good way to let your content breathe new life is with a new creative design. If you have a three-year-old white paper, let a designer create a new cover and layout. The same can be said for spec sheets, images, graphics, videos and your other mobile sales enablement collateral.

This allows the content to gain a fresh look, and might give your sales reps a fresh perspective on utilizing that content again.

One More Thing

And don’t forget to let your sales team know to expect you’re taking a mop and bucket to your mobile sales enablement collateral. A heads up to the field will let them know updated and new collateral is on its way.

Happy cleaning!