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Content for sales apps is like blood for any living creature. As a marketer, I have seen the shift from outbound lead generation to inbound and the need for that relationship between marketing and sales to strengthen.

Both build one incredible thing that will make or break any sell: trust. There are two key tactics successful marketers today are connecting with their company’s customers: content marketing and apps on mobile devices. For both of these tactics to exist successfully, one needs the other in order to drive new customers for sales to close and bring in more revenue for your company.

Don’t believe me?

Approximately 83% of individuals are now going online to do research before buying a vehicle, according to MaxTradeIn Director of Marketing Rachel Boyle. That’s four out of five consumers walking into a dealership already know which car they want to buy because of the content they read online. That’s streamlining the sales process thanks to the power of content marketing.

And do I really need to sell you on mobility and importance of apps? If I did, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

So it makes perfect sense to take your company’s content marketing strategy and use that valuable collateral in your sales apps. But what is the best way to do this? Here are six ways marketing can create powerful content for sales apps.

1. Take inventory of your content

Your company’s sales team isn’t going to know every single piece of content you worked your butt off creating. Make sure you categorize all of the content for sales. You can do this by customer pain points, sales cycle stage, or even the buyer segment. This list needs to one so that sales can easily find whatever piece of content they need no matter the opportunity they are working.

2. Use multimedia tools at your disposal

Apps live on devices that can play videos and audio clips, perform animation, do ROI calculations, and just about anything else you have on your company website. Why wouldn’t you take that multimedia and incorporate all of that content for sales apps too? You want to give your sales reps in the field all the tools possible at their disposal. You can give them more than a spec sheet and some photos.

3. Testimonials still ignite sales

Testimonials continue to be a useful sales tool for marketers. But not the black and white quote in a white paper or blog post. Video testimonials are rising in demand from companies, and using them in their content marketing strategy. These same video testimonials can be the voice of reason for a sales rep in the field with your sales app when getting an “on the fence” prospect on to the greener side.

4. Supply interaction nuggets from your content

Sales reps have enough going on in their world that you can cut them a break when they tell you they didn’t listen to your latest podcast. But what you can do to help make their lives easier, while still giving them your content marketing at their disposal, is simply supplying them cliff notes. Give sales reps a couple talking points out of your new content, then they will remember it the next situation they encounter with a prospect with your sales app.

5. Make sharing your content simple

Again, sales reps have enough on their plate. Just like any product or pricing information you have on your app that is sharable with customers, make your content sharable too. If a sales rep has a customer already buying one product but is considering another one too, give the rep the ability to share some of that juicy content you created with you sales app.

6. Gather feedback from the frontline

Periodically ask your sales reps in the field questions about what content is working and isn’t working on the sales app. If videos are providing a lot of interaction with prospects but audio clips aren’t working, adjust! In the end, the only way your content will be successful for your company if you know what is getting customers to buy.

I’d love to keep the conversation going. How have you implemented your content marketing strategy into your sales apps? Comment below and let me know!