I just finished reading Zero Time Selling by Andy Paul, which was selected as one of the top 3 sales and marketing books in 2011.  The book details 10 essential steps to accelerating sales for companies large and small.

The book is refreshingly simple to understand and focuses on several concepts that will give sales professionals immediate results. It got me to thinking about how our users can employ Andy’s concepts to sell more effectively with the iPad.

MILT and iPad sales apps

The central take away for me from the book is MILT, which is an acronym for MAXIMUM IMPACT in the LEAST TIME possible.  There’s nothing that will increase your sales faster – create a real need and get them to buy fast.  We all want faster sales.

Think about MILT and the iPad in these circumstances.

1. We’ve all heard at sales seminars that you get 8 secs to engage someone.

2. Craig Elias, sales guru, posted in the LinkedIn group iPad for Sales that medical sales reps get an average of 2 minutes with a doctor. Two minutes.

You need to be prepared with all the ammo you have to succeed.

iPad sales apps built to speed up the sales process, in theory, should give a sales professional the upper hand immediately in terms of MILT.  All your products, all your PDFs, all your videos, all your PowerPoints should be right there on the iPad to make the most effective use of the short time you have.

So the question is are you using it correctly and do you have your collateral when you need it?

Selling with the Sharp End of the Stick

This is a concept that really struck a chord with me Zero Time Selling. The book is worth reading for this alone. Consider that those that sell the most effectively in the internet age are the most knowledgable about a company’s products.  The analogy is a stick fashioned into spear with a sharp end for hunting to cut through resistance.

Andy gives the example of an engineer turned sales person. He was introverted around the office, but crushed his number because he knew everything about the product. Great story!  Happens all the time.

We all can’t be engineers or programmers, but we can use tools like the iPad to sell with the sharp end of the stick.


Get all the technical info about your products organized on your iPad so you can search and find it instantly then show it to your customer on the iPad.  You just need to learn to use the iPad as a sales tool, not a thousand technical details. Armed with a few solid iPad apps, a Sales Rep has a perfect tool to sell with the sharp end of the stick!

Regardless, read a copy of Zero Time Selling and take it to heart!