As a Customer Success Manager, one of my main focuses is to determine ways to help teams overcome their struggles. A common struggle that I hear from most companies is that their teams can’t find the information that they need to do their jobs.

This got me to wonder, is this really a global issue?

A Google search turned up this really cool infographic from Docurated that shows it really is an issue!

Ever wonder how much time you spend searching for one document to send a customer? Ever think about how much money it is costing you and your company because you can’t seem to find that document you know was saved within a certain folder? If not…you should!

The inforgraphic presents data that shows  it takes the average “knowledge worker” 18 minutes to find one document. That is 18 minutes that are not spent reaching out to potential customers.

How much does that correlate into lost revenue? $113.4 billion wasted annually in the United States!

This got me to wonder, how can this issue be resolved?

Providing information that is in a simple, organized, and convenient manner will help you become more efficient and, in time, make you more money.

How do we do this?

We have multiple ways to provide information that you need, but today we are going to show how we can cut that 18-minute search time down to less than a minute, no matter what device you are using! Since FatStax apps work offline (no access to internet), you’ll still be able to find all of the information regardless of your WiFi connectivity.

Open your Catalog – type in the name of the document or key search words – there is your document!

This video shows me searching in real time…yes real time!

Click here for the full training video.

Once you become aware of how much time you spend looking for documents, it will make you want to become more organized! I know my team is always looking for ways to better organize our information and cut down on the time that we spend searching.

Imagine what you and your company can achieve with all that free time and extra money once you stop spending your time searching for documents!