If you use iPad sales apps to help you sell, you know how easy the iPad makes it for you to engage customers, share content, access products and more – especially at the point of sale at trade shows or in your daily calls.

The following video was made to help you design iPad training for sales teams.

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In this video, we provide some tips on how your team can save their battery life on their iPad during the course of a long selling day or trade show situation. You can use the transcript below to create some exercises for the team during a National Sales Meeting or regional training exercise.


The great thing about the iPad is that it has 10 hours of battery life. Which is enough to run most apps a sales rep needs.  But, it takes a long time to charge. And you don’t want to be caught in an important sales meeting with a dead iPad.

So our first recommendation is that you just plug your iPad in at night. Plugging it in, in the morning for a few hours or trying to use a car charger just won’t cut it. We understand that you may need to squeeze a few more minutes out of your iPad during a long day of sales calls.  Here are some tips that can save you in a pinch and help you make it through the last call of your day.

First, if you’re not using your iPad, save some battery by just hitting the power button to quickly turn it off. This will power down your screen, save you some battery, and when you’re ready to use it again, you can just hit the home button, or quickly hit the power button again, and your iPad will be ready to go.

If you still want to use your iPad, but don’t need wireless access, another tip is that you can switch your iPad to airplane mode. To do this, just tap on the Settings icon, go to Airplane Mode at the top left, tap that to On, and then you should see an airplane icon in the top left of your iPad.

If you have the 3G version if the iPad, keep in mind that it acts like a cell phone in this mode, so it’s constantly searching for cellular signal.  If you can use a local WiFi connection, or don’t need internet access, go ahead and turn off your 3G.  To do this, just tap on your Settings icon again, then tap on Cellular Data, and turn off your 3G by tapping Off. You should no longer see the 3G symbol in the upper left of your iPad and if you’re connected to the local WiFi, you should see a fan.

Remember, you won’t be able to use your iPad as an effective sales tool unless you have power whenever you need it. So thanks for joining us. And we hope these tips help you sell your products more effectively with your iPad.