reps save money

This is quick post about the ROI of mobile tools and making your reps lives’ easier.

A client just went through this math we me.  I think it is simply beautiful math.

Their goal was simply to give their sales reps 2 hours back each week to do additional calls and customer visits.

Specifically they wanted to prevent their sales teams’ from having to search for information (pricing, specifications, details, installation manuals) in email and Box and their intranet.  They figured this action was eating about 2 hrs in a 40 hr work week.

So here’s is their math that we sketched out on a napkin during lunch today.

Average rep = $1 million dollar territory.

Value of the reps selling time – $580.00/hr   ( {$1,000,000 / {215 selling days * 8 hrs per day]).

Average rep spends 2 hrs per week looking for the right collateral or product information.

2 * 50 weeks = 100hrs per year or $58,000 in lost selling time per rep.
Seriously?  $58,000 to the top line per rep.

Yes, per rep.

Even if they were off by a factor of 10, they could make $5,800 per rep.
That’s the simple math behind buying the right mobile tools for your team and making it easy to find content.