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Marketing departments are continually asked to do more with less budget.

Savvy marketers are finding that mobile business tools like the iPad combined with a business mobility platform like iPad sales tools are the key to reining in budgets and getting more done with less.

Here’s two quantifiable ways our customers are accomplishing more with less via the iPad and FatStax, our iPad sales tool, that will directly give you more budget to work with.

1. Reduce Brochure and Catalog Printing Costs

Most companies spend a ton of effort and money printing brochures, data sheets, special offer sheets and paper catalogs.

Admittedly, it is a great way to let prospects know what you offer and why they should buy it. However, they go out of date in a few short months as new products, pricing, and use-case data come available requiring new ones to be printed in their place.

This never-ending cycle is eating more budget dollars than you might even know.

By determining the average cost of printing a brochure, data sheet, or catalog, you can determine the value that can be added back to your marketing budget by using mobile business tools like FatStax to share information instead.

For example, let’s take the example of a product brochure that cost $1.00 to print for handing out to prospects this year and, on average, your sales and marketing teams handout 500 brochures per week during customer visits, trade shows, table top shows, etc.

500 x 50 business weeks = 25,000 brochures x $1 = $25,000.00/yr

What happens to most of those brochures?

Lost, tossed out and damaged.

Do you know the name and contact information for prospect and can you match them to the brochure they received for targeted marketing efforts down the road?

How many are lying around the office and in the trunks of your reps cars?

However, with the iPad and a sales tool our customers are delivering up to date brochures and product information to their prospects, capturing prospects contact information, and matching prospects to what they are interested in purchasing for later targeting.

“We were able to save 50% of our print budget by no longer using paper catalogs and cutting back on brochures using the FatStax Platform.” – Heather Martinez, Director of Marketing at Mobio Labs.

So what could you do with 50% of your print budget back in your pocket this year?

2. Reduce Shipping and Storage Costs for Brochures and Catalogs

Once you print brochures, catalogs, and data sheets you still have to ship them to your team members and to trade shows.

How about all those “rush” orders for the big sales call, new product release or repackaging them after a trade show to send home.


$100 shipping per show x 2 (there and back) x 25 trade shows/year = $5,000.00

That’s just to move brochures around for trade shows.

What about that show overseas?

Or that time you were too “wiped out” to box them up after the show and ship them back to the office?

Finally once printed collateral goes out of date, what do you do with it all?

On an internal audit, one of our customers found a warehouse full of obsolete brochures and catalogs. Not only did they cost money to design and print, they were paying money to store them after they were out of date!

Common Ways Marketers Use Mobile Business Tools

  • Update PDF brochures on the team’s iPads
  • Capture customer contact data into CRM or Marketing Automation platforms
  • Deliver current pricing and descriptions of products and services
  • Highlight “New Products” and “Specials” in the iPad sales app

Grab a pencil, paper and a calculator. Start figuring out just how much your print budget really is. Chances are it’s more than what you initially budgeted at the start of the year.

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