With customers’ purchasing patterns in a constant state of flux — sometimes shifting from year to year and even month to month, it can be challenging for even the most experienced sales teams to keep up.

Part of keeping up lies in your ability to maintain an effective sales strategy that can be quickly adapted to changes in your industry and among your prospects. Follow these three tips to plan a strategy that will allow you to close deals — no matter what you’re up against.

  1. Refine your value proposition. While you should always have a core message about the value of your products and services, it’s important to make sure you’re staying up-to-date on how it’s performing for your existing clients. Gather feedback from your company’s client success representatives on any challenges or successes clients are experiencing. Regularly train your team on how to communicate those values, as well as how it can be used to address certain pain points.
  1. Use tools that allow you to adapt. Every person on your sales team should be equipped to address prospects’ concerns and issues quickly. They should be able retrieve sales collateral, documents, contracts, and other paperwork instantaneously. Sales enablement tools are an investment that are paying off among top-performing sales teams, according to recent statistics. [tweetthis hashtag=”sales”]Teams averaging higher close rates than the average 20% spend 17% more per sales rep on tools[/tweetthis]. Tools like tablets and content management platforms.
  1. Know your competition. As part of your strategic planning, never take your eyes off the competition. That’s advice that every company needs to heed, according to sales management consultant Michael Carter. “Unless you have a market all to yourself, understanding how the competition operates and functions is key to your success and the success of each of your salespeople,” he says. That includes detailing who the competitors are, and how they’re comparing with you in amount sold and what they were selling their services and products for.

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