Not all sales reps are equal, and they certainly are not all product subject matter experts.

Sales reps in the field need to remember their training and put it to use during their critical in-person meetings.

But with products and pricing constantly evolving, inventory fluctuating, and competitors constantly releasing new products, keeping up on what you’re selling and why it’s the best can be overwhelming for reps.

Yet we expect them to be product subject matter experts.

A recent study by CEB and Google found the average B2B buyer now goes through 57% of the sales process prior to reaching out to a rep.

That means your sales reps’ message not only needs to be engaging, but also geared towards moving prospects through the buying cycle as product subject matter experts.

So how do you keep your sales reps one step ahead of the curve?

Deploying mobile customer engagement sales tools to your sales, service and training reps can turn each of your team members into product all-stars.

Wait, what is a customer engagement sales tool?

These are digital selling tools in the form of applications, whether they’re web-based or offline apps, that are designed to be customer-facing and engaging.

For your sales reps to become experts in the field, they need to inform customers and help them make purchasing decisions in those in-person meetings.

Here are some examples of customer engagement sales tools and how they can help transform your reps into product subject matter experts.

Cross-Reference App

So, how do you compare with your competitor’s similar product?

It’s a lot to ask each of your sales reps to know the key differentiating factors of all of your products matched up with each of your competitors.

Deploying a cross-reference app to your reps provides unmatched speed to market by searching competing product names, SKUs, specs and more all from their tablet in the field.

Product Catalog App

When you realize how ineffective a two-inch thick product catalog is for your sales reps, a product catalog app is the perfect digital replacement.

Reps can tap through over 200,000 SKUs with individual pricing, spec information and quoting capabilities through specific categories for simple searching.

Customers’ questions are answered quicker, allowing your reps to move the meeting closer to a purchasing decision.

Sales Training App

Training your reps is well worth the investment, and many times a single training session just isn’t enough.

Equipping your new reps with a sales training app provides simple on-boarding with objections, battle cards, support documents, product manuals or schematics.

These kind of apps are great for refreshing current reps on existing products or informing them of the new product line schedule to come out later that month.

Digital Sales Tools Help Produce Product Subject Matter Experts

A good sales rep is always looking for ways to close more deals faster.

These are just a few examples of customer engaging digital sales tools that can shorten reps’ sales cycles and give them the upper hand in customer meetings.