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One of, if not the best way to get feedback on your product is to hear it directly from your end users.

And that’s exactly what we did regarding our recently released FatStax 2.4 digital sales tool.

One of our current customers, a specialized medical product company we will keep nameless, recently just finished their pilot program with their sales reps. (Pilot programs are incredibly important before launching any new digital sales tool to your entire team. Learn more about proper pilot program must dos here.)

Our Customer Success Team was invited to sit in on a conference call with our client’s digital sales tool project team, the members of their pilot program and their entire field sales staff as they provided feedback regarding their FatStax pilot experience.

We transcribed the conference call, and below are actual quotes from those sales reps who piloted FatStax for over two months in the field and in front of customers.

Rep #1

You know before we had Dropbox and, while it was good at the time, all of the information went into like a black hole. You couldn’t find it when you needed it and then you stumbled.

I do like that up in the FatStax Search bar you can put in a SKU, because I have customers that call me who want to order. We have a lot of SKUs, and I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what all of them are.

So, they say “I want to order 10” and give me a SKU. With FatStax, you can type in that SKU and it pulls right up. It’s a really quick and easy way to verify when they are talking, and they give you that SKU, and you can come back with them and say, “Ok, that’s the Product B?” It’s really good for that.

Rep #2

We have a lot of products, a lot information, a lot marketing material, I certainly am not carrying around everything with me all of the time, so I think that what FatStax does is it gives you the opportunity to sell your complete line in one sales call in front of whoever you are with.

You can really dance with the feedback that they give you for what they need for their practice, and this doesn’t matter if you are at a conference, in a doctor’s office, or working internationally. It’s all the same, really.

Case in point: We had a doctor over in China, they were sure set on the Product J call and the reason was for more motion restriction – well the in house technical report that we did years back with Product J versus (competitor’s product) is something I wouldn’t never carried in my briefcase.

It was one of those “well let me get back to you” or “I can talk them through the work that we have done and results that we had” but I would have never had the report at my fingertips.

Being able to go the product right away in the FatStax app and show all of the features of Product J, and all of the parts of the product line took that call from, “Yeah, I kind of get what you are saying”—and that guy would have left and probably never become a customer—to, “Okay, how do I buy and who’s your contact in Beijing?”

Rep #3

I started with the product catalog, then if my customer doesn’t know exactly what to look for, I’d create a solution for them based on what heard from their feedback. I think that goes a long way.

On our email system, you can only send like 10 megs. On FatStax, it’s endless. In a FatStax e-mail you can include product features, benefits, pricing, a video, all of those things, and you can create a soft quote in front of them.

Everything is documented right there before you leave the call, and the doctor, physician or the office manager felt like they had a say in creating the solution for their practice.

This is just a taste of the feedback we heard.

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