The Selling With Your iPad videos share tips & best practices for using the iPad as a sales tool.

An iPad is a sales tool.  How you use your iPad is what will determine its value in making you sales. Whether during sales calls or trade shows, don’t lose the sale because you fumble with apps or are not prepared.

This Selling with Your iPad training video demonstrates how to use your iPad to seamlessly and professionally share sales collateral while engaging customers and highlighting your products. The more you know about how to use the iPad with your customers, the more powerful it will be as a sales tool – especially at the point of sale.

Video Transcript

The iPad can be very engaging but it can also be a distraction at the point-of-sale because people are still largely still unfamiliar with the device. Here are our top 3 tips for preventing your iPad from being a distraction at the point-of-sale.

First, organize your apps for easy access.
Let me show you how this works. Hold down an app until it wiggles then drag it on top of another app to group them together. Then simply label the group for effective use.

This helps with our second tip
Create a clean professional home screen. You don’t want your screen to look like this. A clean home screen will be less distracting so your customer can focus on your product and you – and not on the iPad. We suggest moving all your business groups and most used apps to the dock, then move all your other apps including your games off the home screen so it looks very clean.

Our final tip is to practice multi-apping.
As sales people we all know that we need to prep before walking into a sale.  To gather names, collateral, pricing, whatever we need.  You need to prep your iPad in exactly the same way. Before walking into a sales call take a minute to open up the apps you might use.

For example, open up Keynote and GoodReader. Now, when you double tap the home button you’ll see these 2 apps are 1st and 2nd in the hidden dock, making them extremely accessible

You can also double tap from within an app. Like in this example where I’m transitioning from a PDF to a PowerPoint using GoodReader and Keynote. The benefit is you have an easy, smooth transition between apps and your sales collateral.

In summary, less distraction means more focus on you and your products making your iPad a more effective selling tool.

Tip 1 – Organize Your Sales Apps

Tip 2– Maintain a Clean, Professional Home Screen

Tip 3– Practice Multi-Apping with your Sales Apps

Have any tips you’d like to share for selling with your iPad?  Let’s hear ‘em! Just add to the comments below.