As a marketer, what is it about bad vendors that really ticks you off?

We put that question, more eloquently of course, to marketers who call on us when looking for a new sales engagement tool vendor.

Sure, maybe you have pet peeves that just don’t jive with a vendor (I’ll admit I know I do).

But sometimes it’s just a sales engagement tool vendor match not made in heaven.

In some cases bad habits on the part of the vendor are just part of the cost of doing business with many companies.

But other times, the complaints pile up so high that a vendor will give up on a company and let them hang on for dear life.

So what is the most common reason for a flawed sales engagement tool vendor?

What we hear the most from marketers we talk with is communication.

When working with a vendor of any kind, you have to uncover communication issues between you and the vendor early.

So here are some communication issues we’ve heard from marketers about their previously flawed sales engagement tool vendor and how to resolve them:

Nightmare 1: Response time to inquiries

If your sales engagement tool vendor rep is not quick to answer a question (email, phone call, text, smoke signal, anything) chances are they won’t be responding to them later.

Something as grave as an integration connection going down to the forgotten login password requires instant vendor response.

A lot of times a lack of proper training from the vendor is the cause for many customer inquiries. If your vendor doesn’t offer on-board training or a customer service system for questions, it shows a lack of vendor maturity.

Nightmare 2: Lackluster service team

A major red flag in identifying a bad sales engagement tool vendor is when they start getting defensive with you if their service team gets behind. We hear this time and time again from marketers.

The key is not to return the favor and get into a confrontation.

If they start pointing fingers it is usually best to acknowledge what they’re pointing out and try working together moving forward to achieve a resolution.

If one cannot be reached, it could be time to start shopping for another vendor.

Nightmare 3: Unsupportive to your growth

At the end of that day, you want to work with a vendor that is understanding, there for you when you need them, and is willing to go the extra mile to see your company succeed.

When we talk with enterprise level marketing executives here at FatStax, we always put our customers first.

It’s the relationships we build and the ideas we hear from our customers that have helped us grow.

Look out for these flaws when dealing with your sales engagement tool vendor and be ready to come up with a backup plan when you need to.