Integrating a sales enablement strategy across many channels is smart. Really smart, as many companies are now realizing.

According to, top performing sales teams use sales technology three times more than underperforming teams.

Furthermore, they’re 8 times more likely to be among heavy tech adopters.

But sales enablement tools are not a one and done situation, particularly in a sales environment that is constantly changing. Sales Leaders and MarTech Wizards are realizing they must constantly explore options to ensure they’re fully equipped to tackle the challenges of closing sales.

From the Adobe study, Closing the Deal: The State of Sales Enablement.

89 percent of sales and marketing managers said their companies are taking the right track with sales enablement, but believe they must shift their approach to maintain success.

Yet, the study also revealed that less than 30 percent of companies are not integrating sales enablement tools and solutions that would help them adapt to an increasingly mobile environment. I want to call out that word mobile and dive into a littler deeper.

We now live in age of the mobile internet.  People treat their phones like kids in my day watched cartoons.  Eyes glued to them.

Sales enablement tools must work together and work the same on a mobile device. The key there is “work the same.”

For example, how frustrating is it when you can’t access Salesforce1 on your phone when you have a crappy signal?  VERY! To be effective, mobile tools must work the same.  Sales people are dependent on speed.

So not only tools work together, they should have great user experiences.

Here are several areas we see marketers focusing on to make sure they’re creating revenue with their sales enablement strategy, according to the study results.

  • Train staff. It’s not enough to hand over a tablet to your sales rep, no matter how successful she is in meeting her quota. To ensure that you’re getting the best experience for your team, seek sales enablement tools that allow for configuration — allowing you to repurpose and not recode the best application that serves the needs of your team and company. Then, invest time and resources into training your team on using it.
  • Develop effective communication. There are plenty of variables that can lead to a successful deal closing. Being able to clearly communicate the value of your company’s products and services is one of the most important. Ensure that all members are able to quickly articulate how your company can meet a prospective client’s needs. Equip them with mobile tools that can help them address any questions or issues that may arise. Think ace in the hole, not replace PowerPoints.
  • Measure sales effectiveness. Sales enablement tools offer up data more readily to give you a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not with Analytics that record the actions in the tool. Use that data to constantly tweak, adjust or overhaul your strategy.

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