Is there anything more important than scalability in business?

I guess that depends on what your CEO deems important. But think about it.

We’re talking about increasing the volume of energy the V12 engine that is your company churns out while still meeting your customers’ needs.

That should rank pretty high on any company’s list of importance.

Scalability in your organization’s sales enablement platform needs to be thought of in the same way.

Sorry, Lot Full

Imagine a sales enablement app is like a parking garage. Maybe on a Saturday morning there is hardly any congestion and plenty of space.

But after a sporting event that parking garage turns into a traffic jam. Everyone starts laying on their horn and there’s little to no movement.

Whether your company is adding thousands of new sales reps to an app, adding thousands of new products or collateral to the app, or both at the same time, the infrastructure of your app needs to be able to flex to accommodate growth. You don’t want to end up stalled in the parking garage.

Your sales enablement platform is likely to have users spanning around the world, accessing your sales enablement apps 24/7/365 from every time zone. Data from your app must always be available and be delivered with consistent high performance no matter the place or time.

The only platform that will complement a scalable business is scalable mobile software. Plain and simple.

Scalable to Add Products, Collateral and People

When I was growing up, I enjoyed playing with those Magic Growing Egg toys that would hatch dinosaurs and grow when you would place them in water. Sure it expanded about 700 percent in size, but the dinosaur kept it’s appearance without ripping after absorbing all the water.

As funny as this will sound, your sales enablement platform need to be Magic Growing Eggs.

When you launch your business app, you might only have 20 sales reps in the field selling a handful of products using 15 pieces of sales collateral.

In time, you may grow to 150 sales reps around the globe selling numerous extensive product lines, with collateral numbers reaching into the hundreds.

Will you have to switch to a new business app, or can your current solution scale hand in hand with your growth?

Think about your company’s future when deciding on your platform. If the app can’t accommodate future growth, it might not be the right solution.

Scalable Across Divisions

It’s counterproductive to purchase multiple sales enablement platforms, perhaps one for each division, when you can have a single sales enablement platform that can be tailored to each division.

Think of it like cooking dinner. A chef is cooking for ten and pasta carbonara is on the menu.

The chef can cook ten individual servings of pasta carbonara, using ten different pans and varied recipes. Or the chef can use one recipe to make ten servings of pasta carbonara. He can even make some customizations to each serving.

The later is the best decision because it saves time, money on ingredients and still delivers tasty pasta carbonara.

We have a current customer that was in a similar situation, with each division using its own solution and corporate having to juggle multiple vendors offering essentially the same solution.

Since switching to FatStax, they saw immediate benefits from managing and deploying one platform for their multiple divisions. And the transition was simple, with many sales reps already familiar with the sales enablement app and platform.

Scalable for Multiple Use Case Scenarios

When the number of employees grow within your company, you’ll find the number of use cases for your sales enablement platform grow as well.

My wife has been getting me into camping. The one thing we won’t camp without is a Swiss Army knife.

It’s amazing. I can do so many tasks with one tool, rather than pack multiple tools. It makes me more efficient and lightens my backpack when hiking to our campsite.

The Swiss Army knife analogy can translate with the scalability of your sales enablement platform.

Sales needs an app for this. Technical support needs an app for that. The trade show group needs an app for this, that and the other.

That’s a lot of individual apps to manage and back ends to connect. It’s inefficient.

Make sure the apps for your company are scalable enough to handle the multiple needs within your company. It will let you collect and manage important data from one centralized location, rather than multiple systems.

Let FatStax Be Your Scalable Sales Enablement Platform

Think of FatStax like a mobile binder for your teams and their marketing collateral. FatStax allows companies to create multiple catalogs specific to individual divisions and products. Those individual catalogs are synced to the right divisions where collateral can be easily shared and tracked.

FatStax is used by many companies for multiple purposes, from generating leads at trade shows, to training sales reps on new product launches and providing service technicians with detailed product information.

Scalability is critical for a business to succeed. Business leaders need to surround themselves with sales tools that are scalable, like FatStax, to drive revenue and enhance their customer’s experience.

Photo credit: Gemini Global Group