If you’re fully expecting 2016 to translate into more sales than last year (of course, you do), then it’s time to make sure you’re giving your sales reps all the tools they need to succeed. For many companies, that toolbox will include sales enablement apps that are easily accessible from any tablet.

But first, let’s get an understanding of what a sales enablement app is not. It is not a CRM. However, a sales enablement app does allow your reps to become more productive in the field through the integration with a CRM. By connecting the two, you can produce benefits that impact sales, marketing, IT, product development, training, administrative and other aspects of your company.

Take a look at the 8 benefits of linking your CRM with sales enablement apps:

  1. Sales Enablements Apps Can Increase Revenue Increase sales team productivity. By linking a sales enablement app to your CRM, you equip your sales reps with a much more effective way to get things done. The combination essentially automates numerous tasks in the sales process — including quote building, ordering and product sharing.
  2. Build stronger customer relationships. By increasing efficiency through the sales enablement app, your sales reps will be able to devote more time to building solid relationships with their customers — instead of frantically checking to see if the profile in the CRM is up to date. Through the app, any orders or sales materials sent to the clients is instantly tracked.
  3. Cut expenses. Placing the wrong order or mishandling an invoice are mistakes that are difficult to overcome and can be costly both to your bottom line and company reputation. These can be avoided when using a sales enablement app connected to your CRM by quickly getting the right information where it belongs fast, make your sales cycle more efficient and close deals faster through an efficient process.
  4. Improve collaboration. There are many steps in the sales process that can lead to confusion and errors, requiring more time to be spent on properly reporting information. By implementing a sales enablement app that’s integrated with your CRM, you can minimizes those errors and maximizes your team’s effectiveness. As a result, your sales reps will be able to spend less time duplicating customer information and spend more time selling.
  5. Quickly update lead information. A sales enablement app enables you to add customized fields or surveys to better prioritize and group your customers and prospects. By adding these tasks in the app, they are instantly synced to your CRM, giving sales reps and managers insight into top opportunities without wasting time to make notes back at the office.
  6. Improve organization. Boost the power of your CRM by tracking and sharing sales materials via your app. By connecting the two, you gain a simple sales process that can be easily organized and tracked. The days of using a notepad and pen to tally how many catalogs were shipped to prospects are over.
  7. Enhance reporting. CRM integration with sales enablement apps allows sales reps to quickly get an in depth analytical look at customer profiles. They also will be able to forecast predicted sales by gaining insight into which sales materials have been shared and which products have already been sold. Also, by linking the two systems you can avoid duplicating data.
  8. Boost customer satisfaction. Of course, you want happy customers. Happy customers not only continue to purchase from you, they’re likely to give referrals. What better way to grow your business? With sales enablement apps providing real-time enhanced reports, reps will be able to customize their clients’ experiences. Sales reps will be able to find the right sales materials to supplement their decision-making process, optimizing for the highest customer satisfaction possible.

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