Develop Sales Tools with No Coding Skills Required

Are you the type of person that wants total control of your sales collateral management tools?

If so, we’ve got a sales collateral management system just for you.

sales collateral management system
It comes with:

  • Drag and drop uploading
  • App building templates
  • Built in integrations
  • Powerful analytics
  • Infinite folders, tags, and, filters

The sales collateral management system is called CloudStax and, it’s the engine that drives the FatStax Sales Enablement Platform.

Web-based sales management tools like CloudStax give you the power to organize and distribute your sales materials to your global sales organization on the devices they already own including computers, tablets, and phones.

When paired with Fatstax Mobile Apps and Web Apps, CloudStax sales management tools give Marketers total control over their team’s mobile apps, marketing collateral, and product information.

What Makes Marketers Love the CloudStax Studio?

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-export-5″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Drag and Drop File Loading”]

Keeping your collateral updated is the most important job of a great marketing collateral management tool. The CloudStax Studio is designed to let you simply drag files from your desktop and push them to your sales teams’ apps across the globe. You can also bulk upload 1000s of files from your DAM or Library Applications.

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-th-4″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Use Templates to Create Amazing Experiences”]

Templates are the fastest and easiest way to design the screens that define the User Experience (UX). With our sales management tools, you can add your unique images and text to create experiences that drive usage and direct your sales team to most relevant collateral on the phone apps, tablet apps, or web-browser. Images and text can be hyperlinked to directly open key pieces of sales collateral.

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-users-outline” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”See What Collateral Is Working in Real-Time”]Marketers can directly measure use of sales collateral in the field to determine what to keep and what to double-down on.  No matter whether it’s rich product data or the latest videos, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.[/dt_iconbox]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-upload-cloud-outline” layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Plugs Directly Into Your Tech Stack”]Today’s Marketers can’t afford to buy yet another system! The CloudStax Studio collateral management system solves this with off-the-shelf integrations with CRM systems like and Marketing Automation Platforms like Pardot and Marketo. We are B2B Enterprise Ready.[/dt_iconbox]