Imagine you are the Chief Marketing Officer at a global distribution business.

Your company’s market share is increasing, new sales reps are being hired on and new offices are popping up around the globe.

Business is booming, and your boss is happy.

Now you have to deliver on your set marketing goals with a larger team in more languages and growing corporate expectation.

How do you manage it?

This is a common fear we hear from many growing companies who look at iPad sales apps as a mobile solution. They are so focused on their ability to produce on the now that they spend little time planning how they will sustain their growth over time.

More importantly, if the sales tools they have in place will accomplish their corporate goals.

Growing too big to sustain success can leave you asking these questions:

  • How do I engage all of my distributors?
  • How do I deliver new product information to them?
  • How do I measure what collateral I produce is selling product?

These are difficult questions for any marketer at a growing company.

While each company’s situation is different, sales apps just might not be in the cards. Costs, iPad and sales app adoption, training, deployment, adding new features… the list goes on what you can expect when rolling out a new sales app for a global distribution business.

While these sales app factors can scare a global distribution business from pulling the trigger, there are the immediate benefits from implementation.

Sales apps are a fast and easy way to streamline product information, pricing and marketing collateral to keeps a growing sales force in check. They can also deliver on a number of other “operational” systems to get your global distribution business growing out to market quicker.

Ease the Management of Distributing Collateral Faster

Getting updated collateral of any file type to your reps around the globe can seem daunting.

Rich media like HTML 5 won’t always go through an email, and who’s to say the rep will even check their email before going into their next product demo. Sales apps allow you to quickly manage your files with drag and drop ease.

A well developed app comes with its own content management system to keep collateral updated fast. And the app would handle multiple file types like PDFs, videos, PowerPoints, Excel sheets, CADs, and much more.

A thing you will need to consider is if your reps are using Wi-Fi only iPads, whether the app allows for offline access to those collateral files.

Otherwise, your rep is hosed with an app that is only driven by Internet access and no access to be found.

Capture Key Global Data Points for Accurate Marketing Decisions Faster

It’s a very lonely feeling to stand in a board room in front of all of your C-level officers when they ask for key data points you were unable to capture.

Or if you’re still waiting for data to come in from a certain region of the world. You need key data points without waiting.

Many sales apps are already equipped with a back end analytics that capture important measurable data. CRM integration with the sales app allows you to sync touch points and key moments in the sales process back into, Microsoft Dynamics, or whatever system you use.

That’s huge when looking at which new global markets are growing fastest. Any new leads a rep captures in the app can be automatically dropped into your marketing automation system to let lead nurturing begin immediately.

Most importantly, all of your data is secured!

Offer Engaging International Customer Experience and Support Faster

Collateral on a mobile device is only good to clients standing in front of your iPad if you can’t share it. Especially if your customers are international.

To ensure you’re not repeating the same work repackaging your marketing collateral in different languages, look to use a sales app with multi-language and currency converter capabilities. 

This way the sales app should have the ability to send branded emails loaded with collateral and pricing quotes in the correct language. If the customer has a specific question, the app should allow for searching within documents to ensure the right information is passed along.

Mobile Sales Apps Can Grow Your Global Distribution Business Faster

Winston Churchill once said, “For the first 25 years of my life I wanted freedom. For the next 25 years I wanted order. For the next 25 years I realized that order is freedom.” That’s exactly how a sales app can help grow your global distribution business faster.

The appropriate sales app can free you up to watch your global distribution business grow quickly rather than work in it.