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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Marketers know it’s important to get ahead of the competition.

That’s part of what makes a business successful, right?

Demand generation strategy plays a vital role in just that.

See, it’s the relationship between successful sales and marketing teams that makes a demand generation strategy work.

And what helps keep a healthy relationship between field sales teams and marketing is enabling their field sales teams to feed the demand generation pipeline.

Well stop me if you’ve heard this then…

By giving your field sales reps an app tailored specifically to your sales process, you have also strengthened your demand generation strategy.

I’m not talking about an app anyone can install from the AppStore either.

An app with the sole purpose of empowering your field sales teams.

Demand generation isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago−Or a even a year ago.

In fact, research from Edynamic shows the mobile push is shifting how many companies shape their demand generation strategy.

There are so many more channels marketers have to choose from when implementing their demand generation strategy, and prospects have more power deciding which channel to pay attention to.

We can say without a doubt sales apps for field teams can only help strengthen a company’s demand generation strategy.

Here are three examples how these field team apps can benefit a company’s demand generation strategy:

Building Awareness

The first step to any demand generation strategy is building awareness around your company and your products.

Sales apps for field teams are a great way to complement any demand generation strategy by helping stand out amongst your competition.

Not only can you store all of your digital collateral in the app for instant access in the field, but many apps can become fully branded customized mobile apps.

With your own logos, corporate imagery, home screen brand icon, color scheme, and more, these customized mobile field team apps give sales teams a dynamic, fresh approach to building awareness.

Enabling Discovery

In demand generation strategy, you want your company and products to be highly visible.

The old days of collecting paper brochures and leaving CDs and DVDs for prospects to view at their leisure doesn’t drive visibility like before.

While other demand generation strategy efforts catch your prospect’s attention, the print collateral you hand out very rarely is noticed.

By sending digital collateral directly to your prospects, product and company information is readily available and easily searchable in their email.

And you have them interactive on a mobile device, where they are more likely to follow up or search additional information which they couldn’t from something printed out.

Shepherding Solution Validation

This would be considered the point in demand generation strategy where you make the prospect realize they need your company’s product without realizing it on their own.

Regular nurturing helps in the solution validation process with constant targeted communications through marketing automation.

Many sales apps for field teams are able to connect with existing marketing automation systems, like Marketo or HubSpot.

Once a sales rep sends digital collateral from the sales app to the prospect, the rep can add the prospect to a specific marketing automation nurture track with a single tap in the app.

Not only will the prospect receive regular communication and follow ups from the sales rep, but additional solution validation through nurturing emails made possible through the app.

Sales Apps Complement Any Demand Generation Strategy

Much of what determines a company’s demand generation strategy is ROI.

Built in sales app analytics give marketers the data they need to assess existing demand generation campaigns and receive the largest ROI possible.

Implementing sales apps for your field teams can be a game changer for you and your company’s demand generation strategy.

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