Sales 2.0 2011: Lead Gen, Playbooks, Videos, and iPads of course

Sales 2.0, The New Sales Playbook

Wow! If you want to witness the cutting edge of selling, there really couldn’t be a better meeting than the Sales 2.0 meeting I attended in San Francisco this week. Sales leaders, top execs, and 2.0 thought leaders were all there.

If you don’t know, Sales 2.0 is a best practice, cutting-edge conference put on by the folks at Selling Power. The basic idea is to promote and develop an understanding of so-called 2.0 practices in sales and, to a degree, marketing. There are sales force tools companies attending. It’s also an amazing conference to develop your professional network.

Big Four Takeaways from the 2.0 Sales World

  1. LeadGen/DemandGen – only the hottest leads should go to reps
  2. PlayBooks – create a great playbook and the whole staff sells better
  3. Video – the tool that makes you exceptional vs. the competition
  4. iPads – The top reps use the best products, despite IT challenges

That’s what I took away.  Distilling it down to these four areas made us take another look at the entire sales process of our company.  Thanks Gerhard and crew!

So let’s dig in……


For me, the breakout small sessions at Sales 2.0 were fascinating. These sessions usually featured a meeting sponsor hosting a Q&A session with customers, thought leaders, or both. It was amazingly full of great advice.

  • Wanna hear how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn to find leads?  Check
  • Wanna listen to experts from top LeadGen Services explain how they use their own sales force tools and software to find leads?  Check
  • Wanna hear Top Marketers talk about Drip Marketing, SalesForce tools, Genius?  Check

One big eye opener for me was that top companies like LinkedIn are only sending reps leads from contacts that are ready to buy.

  • Not people that fill out a web form,
  • Not conference or trade show leads,
  • Not calls that are deemed “inquiry” in nature.

Their Reps get buyers that are super hot only. The result is more sales and happy reps that build confidence as they get wins, instead of chasing unqualified customers.

Other contacts go into DemandGen and into the drip marketing campaign. This puts the responsibility clearly on the shoulders of Marketing to assess and segment leads very, very methodically.

Sales Playbooks

One buzzword I heard over and over at Sales 2.0 was “playbooks”. The top companies are using playbooks, just like the NFL, to script, prepare, and force their Sales Teams to present to customers with a consistent, coordinated message.

If you’ve ever been caught off guard by a customer – You need a Playbook.

The real eye opener was how companies are using Analytics and Consultants to study their top performing reps methodology. Then they are replicating that methodology in the Playbook for the whole team.

The result, of course, is the entire Sales Team benefits from not only understanding how the top reps sell the same product, but in knowing exactly how to react in almost any sales situation.

Why?  They are prepared because it’s in the Playbook!

The Importance of Video for Sales

Imagine you walk into your best client to talk about a new project and get blindsided by the company having a major crisis that involves your product.  In the past, you scramble, start making phone calls, try to set up a GoToMeeting, and slowly solve the problem.

With today’s video tools like Glance or an iPad with FaceTime, you simply put your tech support team in a face-to-face conversation with your customer. Immediate gratification of a face-to-face conversation or a shared screen makes you look like a rockstar instead of firefighter.

Another use of video is in training and compliance.  One killer example I loved was BrainShark, which makes business-ready videos simple and available in your CRM, on your iPad, or anywhere you view the web.  A 2 minute video is a great way to train your team-fast.

The coming flood of iPad’s and smart phones with video will only make video that much more important to the sales rep. Our team will be using these sales force tools as soon as possible. Like today.

iPads dominate the meeting – Trade shows and attendees

I saw so many iPads at Sales 2.0 that it was almost shocking. Lots of attendees taking notes, scores of companies using iPads in the trade show booth.

Oracle incorporated an iPad in their presentation on stage in a sales roll play.

Surprisingly, there was a very even mix of reps and execs that bought their own iPads, compared to those that were company supplied. Taking the pulse of several attendees, I heard that Enterprise is slowly coming to realize the value of tablets in sales, but Top Reps buy their own because iPads drive customers to engage on a whole new level.


In summary, if you want to touch the pulse of modern sales and see what top sales leaders are doing to drive their sales, Sales 2.0 is a spectacular value and full of great takeaways.

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