Last month, Amazon announced the release of their Cloud Drive storage apps, available for both Windows and Mac users. The Cloud storage is not a new service provided by Amazon but now there are dedicated apps that you can use while on-the-go.

Set-up is fairly easy on either system. You will need to have your Amazon logon info. Once installed, you will see the cloud-shaped icon in your system tray menu for easy access. First launch of the app on your device offers a simple 4-step tour on how to use the Cloud Drive storage.

Upload Options

  • How to store docs, photos and/or videos. You have 2 options – right click on the file and choose “upload” or drop and drag the file to the Cloud Storage app icon.
  •  Important to note that the contextual menu option only works on Windows-based devices initially. To get the same option to work on your Apple devices you will need to reboot your system.
  • The icon method appears in the system tray right way on the Mac.


There is very little in the way of interface on either device (Windows or Mac) aside from the Cloud icon pop-up menu that appears. If you need to move or manage your files, you will still need to access the Amazon website, but this option is available from the pop-up menu.

Another option the pop-up menu offers is which file or folder you want to download to. Once on the Amazon Cloud Drive web site, the interface is extremely intuitive eliminating any obstacles to navigating through your files or moving them to the desired folders.

Storage Capabilities

This is probably the most exciting part to me. The free Amazon Cloud Drive (which has been out for a while) gives you 5GB of storage space. Awesome from the free standpoint when you compare Amazon Cloud storage to other services such as DropBox which only gives you 2GB free to start. Most people will be able to stick with the 5GB, however if you need more you have other options:

  • 20GB
  • 50GB
  • 100GB
  • 200GB
  • 500GB
  • 1000GB

Increased storage will run you about $1 per GB, so the 500GB storage option will cost $500 per year. Free or subscription-based, Amazon Cloud storage is still a very economical option.

Worth the Time or Investment?

The quick and simple answer is yes. If you need or want Cloud-based storage that is simple and easy to use from wherever you are Amazon Cloud Storage app is awesome. Keep in mind that the Cloud Drive Web site is very easy to access. From the “on the fly” perspective, the drop and drag and contextual file uploads the Amazon Cloud Storage app is a no-brainer.

FatStax is not associated with or Amazon Cloud Storage. This is simply our review of one of their products, in our effort to provide you with cool tools to make work and play easier! 

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