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The great Muhammad Ali is famous for saying “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”  Sales enablement training is the same way (Well, without the suffering). Our very own Corey Trojanowski came up with four painless keys to a sales enablement plan for training that will turn your sales reps in the field into champions!


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Hey guys! This is Corey Trojanowski from FatStax, and today I’m going to talk to you about sales enablement tool training. There are four keys we have found here in our experience at FatStax that are really going to help companies, like yours, get your sales teams to adopt and start using that sales enablement tool out in the field:

  • Train everyone on core basic activities for the sales enablement tool
  • Develop a training schedule for six sessions per year
  • Record all training sessions and make them easily available
  • Share success stories with team members using the sales enablement tool

So, let’s dive right in!

Train everyone on core basic activities for the sales enablement tool

This one might seem like a no brainer, but in actuality if they’re not familiar with navigating their way through the sales enablement tool then they’re not going to pull it out in front of a prospect and fumble their away around when trying to close a deal.

You really need to get them familiar with finding different assets, locating where the features are, and know the sales enablement tool like the back of their hand to really feel comfortable when they want to use it in front of a customer during an opportunity.

Develop a training schedule for six sessions per year

There was a really frightening statistic that I saw on MarketingProfs recently that said 80 percent of sales training for reps performed by executives is forgotten after 60 days. They don’t retain it!

Every two months the training you’re doing POOF it’s gone.

You really need to keep your sales enablement tool training habitual. What we tell our customers is to perform training sessions six times per year, so every two months or so. That way everything stays fresh and they retain information a lot easier.

It’s really simple to do a training session once a year at your national sales meeting when everyone comes in, but that’s really not the way to do it. As many training sessions as possible throughout the year, the better. The more the better, but we say six.

Record all training sessions and make them easily available

If you’re going to do six training sessions a year, sometimes your reps won’t be able to make one or two of your sessions. That’s just how things go sometimes. It’s important to record those training sessions for those reps that aren’t able to make it, and post the videos up on YouTube or an internal portal you might have at your company. That way they can go back and watch those training sessions so they’re up to speed with the rest of the sales team.

Another benefit from a recording standpoint for your training sessions is when you hire a new sales rep to your company. To help on-board them faster, you have a whole playlist of training videos. Just give them the playlist and they can watch all the sessions with the sales enablement tool right in front of them. While you’re explaining something in the video, they’re following along and performing it with the tool they’re holding. It’s a great way to speed up on-boarding for new employees as well.

Share success stories with team members using the sales enablement tool

This is a great cherry on top for any training session you might do. If you know someone in your group or in the audience during your training session you know recently had a great deal of success using the sales enablement tool during a meeting or helped them close a deal, bring them up in front of the group.

Let them explaining how they were using the sales enablement tool that led to their success. Sharing that success story is just going to almost be like a ripple effect to the rest of your team showing them that success is possible using a sales enablement tool. I just have to remember all of the training and put it to use. Then I’ll have success as well.

One last thing!

We recently released a Sales Enablement Tool Adoption Checklist on our website. If you’re interested, by all means go check it out. It’s a great asset for any team that’s either considering a sales enablement tool or already has one and they want to increase team usage and their adoption rate.

Thanks for watching!


The Sales Enablement Tool Adoption Checklist

This checklist will teach you how to:

  • Building a process fit to your team
  • Determining KPIs for adoption metrics
  • Uncovering sales tool training techniques
  • Establishing digital sales material confidence
  • And much more!

You can get your free copy of the Sales Enablement Tool Adoption Checklist by following this link here. We have other guides, videos and tools you can check out here. Feel free to share what we have to share too!