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If you use an iPad and sales apps to help you sell, you know how easy the iPad makes it for you to engage customers, share content, access products and more – especially at the point of sale at trade shows or in your daily calls.

The following video was made to help you design iPad training for sales teams.

Training is critical to your sales team’s success. We provide training for both FatStax and the iPad as a sales tool to ensure rapid adoption and faster ROI. Whether it’s your National Sales Meeting, trade shows, or webinars, we share our best practices learned from actual field experiences. Additional videos in this series can be found on our Resources for iPad Business Apps page.

In this video, we provide some tips on how to engage your customer with the iPad, while still focusing on the product information or collateral you need to share.


Not only is the iPad a great ice breaker, but it’s also an extremely effective tool for you to engage customers at the point of sale.

Experienced sales professionals know you want to maintain control of your sales collateral at the point of sale – that’s also true of your iPad. So let’s go through a typical sales scenario with an iPad.

In this scenario, I’ll be using a PDF as the sales collateral for my customer.  The first thing you want to do is open up the app and have it ready, before you actually show it to the customer.  You’re naturally going to want to take the iPad and turn it around to face the customer so they can see the product, but it’s very difficult to “drive” your iPad upside down.

The more natural position is to take your iPad and actually stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your customer, then you can go over your collateral together.

Remember, not everyone has actually used an iPad so you don’t want to make your customer feel uncomfortable or foolish at the point of sale.  So when you get to that point during your sales call when you want to hand your iPad over to your customer, make sure you have your sales collateral open and ready for them to view – because you want them to focus on you and your products and not the iPad.

Another important point is to keep your iPad clean.  You don’t want smudges & fingerprints to cause you to lose a sale.  Use a microfiber cloth and take a moment to clean your iPad before you show it to your customer at the point of sale.