Sales Enablement Strategy Guides

Whether you’re just getting started with deploying iPads to your reps or are trying to find the best mobile sales tool solution, you’ve come to the right place. Learn all about increasing sales tool adoption rates, sales enablement platforms, selling tips for using an iPad in front of customers, and discover iPad trade show tips, mobile marketing automation and the iPad Power Selling Series.

Choose Between Apps

Find out the seven questions you need to ask before buying.

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Increase Adoption

Increase new sales tool adoption with this checklist.

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Enable Your Channel

The ultimate mobility guide any distribution channel manager needs.

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Deploy Tablets Right

An eight-step plan to adding the iPad to your sales arsenal.

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“The Mobile Advantage” Webinar

How do sales enablement tools impact the meeting? The meeting is more critical now that everyone can get information fast and online. This webinar will highlight trends of the sales process, and introduce the Magic Moments in the Meeting that you are missing in closing the sale.

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“The New Sales Moment of Truth” White Paper

Today’s prospects think because they have Google and the Internet, they don’t need your sales rep or a sales meeting to make an informed purchasing decision. Sales meetings have changed and this whitepaper will teach you all about the “New Sales Meeting.”

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Sales Enablement Strategy Ideas

Which Type of App is Best?

Identify the specific types of sales enablement apps and mobile sales tool resources that are available for customer facing teams based on how a company sells.

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Sales Enablement Tool Training

Find out four painless keys to sales enablement tool training that will turn your sales reps in the field into champions.

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Justifying the Cost to Your Boss

With the help of a little math and our whiteboard, you will be able to give the perfect argument for justifying the costs of mobile sales enablement solutions.

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Social Selling with iPads

Engaging a Customer

Find out how to engage your customer with the iPad, while still focusing on the product information or collateral you need to share.

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iPad Distraction

Don’t let your iPad be a distraction by understanding how your team should be setting their iPads up before even leaving the office.

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Save Your Battery Life!

Discover how your team can save their battery life on their iPad during the course of a long selling day or trade show situation.

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Sales Enablement Strategy Resources

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation?

If you’re a marketer, then you understand the power of enterprise mobility: the timeliness of the follow-up, the immediate access to marketing collateral, and the ability to track prospect activities at any time. But in marketing, it’s important that you show results—you must show ROI to validate your strategies. This means that it is imperative that sales and marketing align to enhance your efforts and nurture more relationships.

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The iPad Power Selling Series

We’ve recruited the top minds in Sales and Sales Training to give you deep insight into using iPads in the field for selling and marketing. From trade shows, through channel sales teams, to instant presentations and CRM use, this collection of mobile sales tool resources and articles will give you the experts’ advice on when and how to use iPads.

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iPad Trade Show Tips – Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes

We spend a lot of time with our customers supporting their use of iPads in the trade show booth. Whether it’s as a sales tool in sales reps’ hands, on a stand showing videos, or embedded in elaborate booth structures, trade show managers are embracing the iPad to qualify leads and grab attention. Don’t view them as tech gadgets. View them as powerful sales enablement solutions.

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