Putting our App to the Test

Even with so much publicity about iPad uses for sales people, we still run into companies that refuse to consider adding them as a sales tool. While it’s true that it is just a sales tool, other sales tools like your car and your cell phone are critical.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and help them enhance their overall sales process by using FatStax. One of those companies is, New England Biolabs, After implementing FatStax, the New England Biolabs Sales Team was empowered to organize information, capture contacts, follow-up instantly and ultimately, increase sales.

We wanted to know exactly how we were able to help their sales process and they helped us with a Case Study to share. If you’re interested in the full rundown of how the right iPad app can truly change the productivity level of your sales team, check out the more detailed version of how we were able to accomplish success with New England Biolabs by downloading the full case study here. If you want the short version, read on…

Meet New England Biolabs

New England Biolabs (NEB) specializes in providing reagents, tools and the basic building blocks for businesses and consumers to perform genomic research. NEB places the emphasizes providing new and old customers with products and product information in the most efficient and expedient way possible. With a complex paper catalogue of over 1,500 unique products, you can see where there is potential for out-of -date product information and confusion from sales representatives. But the challenges that NEB was facing didn’t stop there.

Trade shows seemed to be the biggest issue for the sales team. During these events, prospects, gathering information on products, would often ask technical questions and ask for documentation. With no efficient way to document requests, sales reps had to write down new leads on scrap paper. After the show, the team had to type all that contact information into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Solution

NEB needed a new way to improve their sales process. NEB decided to give their sales team armed with our iPad sales app. With our ability to offer instant, offline access to detailed company information combined with their extensive product list, we were able to improve the efficiency of the NEB sales team. Not to mention the fact that we were able to accomplish all of this without involving their IT department.

Driving Sales with the iPad

Every member of NEB’s sales team now uses the FatStax iPad Sales app at every trade show and event. Too good to be true? Check out what Danielle Shnider, New England Biolabs Market Research and Trade Show Manager, had to say…

“FatStax is the first place we go when sending product information to customers from the field and capturing their contact information. It’s just so easy to use and has reduced the amount of time we spend organizing information; moreover, we’re very happy with the customer service, why would we use anything else?”

Want to learn more about selling with the iPad? Visit our comprehensive series of iPad Selling Tips.  Or contact us to discuss how FatStax can help your company succeed.