There are professionals that argue iPads for business are a hindrance for productivity.

The promise of sales reps using iPads on the clock to play Angry Birds, watch random YouTube videos or find a stuffed peppers recipe for dinner lacks merit and completely under appreciates the power of the device.

Companies around the world are equipping sales teams with iPads. The iPad is not a laptop, and it is not a fancy brochure. Rather, iPads for business represents a whole new way to generate leads and close sales, making it the right tool for your job.

Quite frankly, as a company that is devoted to creating customized sales apps for iPads, we got tired of listening to the bashing.

It’s kind of hard to make a case against iPads for business when Apple is the market-leading maker of mobile devices.

So we went to the white board in our break room and came up with five realities.

We took these realities and turned them into reasons why businesses should look at iPads for business.

1. Trust the Market Leading Mobile Device
2. Select from the Largest Variety of Effective Apps
3. Access Information Instantly and Boost Productivity
4. Strengthen Client Relationships
5. Engage Prospective Customers

Here’s just a small sampling of what we came up with in our ebook we entitled Considering iPads? 5 Reasons Why You Should:

You have choices. More choices now than ever before with new tablets entering the market everyday. However, the iPad “just works.” This long-time Apple mantra and the formidable goal set forth by former CEO Steve Jobs continues to ring true: It just works.

Apple didn’t make billions of dollars by disappointing customers, and the iPad is quickly becoming the main portable computer for many professionals. According to a September 2012 survey of 1,300 iPad owners by Brainshark, “When traveling for business, 89% of iPad owners report using their iPad. Currently, 60% of users say they bring their iPad and laptop with them; more than 1 in 3 (35%) bring just their iPad and leave the laptop at home.”

You can get your copy of the five reasons by following this link here. We have other guides, videos and tools you can check out here.

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