As any good sales rep knows, pricing questions will come up during any sales presentation. And they usually come sooner than you’d like.

Your prospect wants to know how much your products and services will cost — long before you’ve been able to fully demonstrate ROI or the overall value from using them.

So … how do you address the pricing question without looking like you’re not being upfront and honest?

These four approaches can help you successfully navigate pricing questions:

1. Go ahead. Just be upfront.

Email CostsDon’t give a prospect the ammunition not to trust you.

You can offer a range, explaining that the pricing will depend upon the client’s specific needs. Or you can clearly explain why you would prefer not to give the price until you have had an opportunity to talk through the benefits. Ask them if this is OK.

If not, go ahead and give them the price range — and proceed with your presentation. If they balk at the price, you may have just saved yourself some time chasing after an unqualified lead.

2. Include the price range in your presentation.

Since you know they’re going to ask anyway, why not include your pricing structure as part of your presentation?

Or at least, the factors that go into how you will determine pricing. As part of your presentation using a tablet, simply include a fee structure.

3. Develop an app that provides pricing.

Depending upon your products and services, you can build out a customized pricing list that allows you to quickly address the prospect’s desire to get to the bottom of things. For example, you can develop a catalog app that contains pricing along with detailed product information like specs and sizes.

You also can place pricing documents in a separate PDF form in a mobile app that’s easily accessed if — and probably when — the question of fees comes up. Make sure the PDF is regularly updated to avoid putting your sales reps in an awkward position.

4. Provide information about pricing on the website.

Prospects are gathering most of their information online — before your team gets the chance to talk to them. Maybe it’s time to consider presenting the pricing structure online.

If your product and or services are complex, state so on the website along with a CTA that offers to discuss the product, services and pricing as a next step. Otherwise, providing various packages along with the items included can break down that barrier before your sales reps talk to prospects.

By enabling sales reps to quickly access materials that spell out pricing, you’re giving them the opportunity to build credibility with their prospects. The issue of pricing is inevitable. It’s part of the information the prospect needs to make a decision. There’s no reason to sidestep the question. Help your team feel comfortable discussing pricing by giving them the right tools.

There’s another bonus. By including this information as part of your mobile tools, you can check analytics on which documents are assessed during presentations. This can give you the data you need to further develop your sales materials for more successful outcomes.

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