Point of Sale materials including brochures, posters, T-shirts, stickers, and displays are a major cost sink for large corporations.

We wanted to highlight how our clients are using FatStax on the iPad to solve the problem and save some cash in the process.

Point of Sale Materials, a Trifecta of Cash Loss

Imagine you are regional marketing manager for a large corporation like Great Big Foods (not a real client, of course). You have 5,000 plus products and 100’s of brands to manage.

Each product has a its own unique set of brochures, posters, displays, not to mention prices, sizes, SKUs, and nutritional information. Each brand has a marketing team that is constantly cranking out new materials that have to be printed and shipped all over the world every time a change happens.

Essentially, impossible to keep straight and big expense.

The reasons behind this are pretty clear:

  • Printing materials is expensive
  • Shipping materials is expensive
  • Throwing away materials is expensive (out-of-date, completed events – St. Patrick’s Day is only once per year)

FatStax POS presentation on the iPad

GOAL: Make it easy for field sales agents to find the right point of sale materials rapidly at the point of customer contact.

SOLUTION: FatStax data fields are extremely flexible allowing us to map any text, html or images directly into the App. The extreme speed of the search allows you to quickly find the POS material you need.

The following screen shots will show you just how easy it can be.

1. Open FatStax on the iPad. It opens to the spot where you closed the app. As an example, this is the detail view of the Pure Drinking Water Product you sell. Your products and POS materials are listed in the left panel.

2. Tap the Search Bar and enter search terms based on what your customer needs. In this example, I’m looking for a promotional poster to sell cookies. So I typed “coo” and FatStax retrieved 3 results for me.

3. Tap the line item to show it in the Product View. There you see a thumbnail of the poster for Farrow’s Cookies and you can go into details about the POS material or product. All the fields in FatStax are simple to modify and might include keywords or other descriptions that come up in your conversations with clients.

4. Now just send the information to your customer. Just Tap “email this page” and FatStax will automatically prepare an email containing the information. Include the download link to the hi-res image for printing, the PDF, or an ordering site. FatStax can handle it so it’s really up to you.

It’s really that simple. You can store 1000’s of point of sales materials and files on your server or ours and change them out at will. Plus, every iPad field sales person in your company has the same version of FatStax housing the database.

The end result is every sales person in your company has instant access to the correct POS materials at all times allowing them to:

1. Send POS materials or files to local printers, saving on shipping costs.
2. On demand printing. Print brochures they need vs. housing old out-of-date POS materials.
3. Show a customer what the current POS materials are at the exact moment of contact.
4. Reduce the printing of PDFs or sample POS materials and show them on the iPad first.

We are happy to work with any company to produce custom solutions to your business needs be it sales, POS, or anything field sales teams with iPads may need at the point of sale.

Any questions or field sales tips? Just drop us a note on the contact us form and tell us what you need.