What To Pick Up For Your Sales Meeting (Not The Bar Tabs)

By Rusty Bishop


Every year companies spend thousands of dollars on their sales meeting and incentives to get their team all pumped to hit their numbers.

How much money did your company spend on dinner, drinks, and the DJ at your last sales meeting?

I bet it was close to $500 a person for one night of fun.

Throw in the plane tickets and hotel rooms for a few nights and my guess is it’s close to $2,000 per person for a few days.

The reality is each year companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on sales meetings and incentive programs to motivate the teams and/or reward the top performers.

But do these expenses really offer a value over the long-term to the individual or the company?

I spent a lot of time working with sales leaders and their teams at training sessions like these and people always ask me what they can do to motivate their team better.

I’ve got just the thing!

Buy them the best iPad (64G) and equip it with all the materials and product info they could ever dream of needing in front of a customer.

Make it impossible for them not to use the tool, since every file, price, and spec they could ever need is always at their finger tips.

Hire a junior level marketing person to always ensure the sales tool is up to date with everything new about your products and services the sales team could need.

Listen to feedback from the sales team about the collateral that is needed to improve the sales tool.


For example, if they have to cross sell against heavy competition make sure all the data against competitive products is complete and up to date.

If they have to show engineers how a gadget is installed in a building, then get the CAD files and install manuals in the app.

And most important of all, make sure everything about the sales tool works without a connection to the Internet.  Your website is not a sales tool.

If you want to fire your team up, give them a tool to help them sell better 365 days a year, not a one night bender with a DJ.