channel sales enablement app

For vendor sales and marketing personnel, working with channel sales partners can seem like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Think about all of the channel program information and product collateral you have to get into your partner’s heads, and we all know the one place it sits: some kind of vendor web portal.

But your channel partners never get it.

They never check the portal. (“Wait, there’s a portal?” they ask.)

They won’t open your emails.

They’re never available to attend your product release webinars.

And it’s getting much harder to keep them happy.

According to a channel study from CompTIA found that 6 in 10 channel firms said the incidence of channel conflict increased over the last two years, including 21% that said it rose significantly.

Companies invest millions of dollars in building extensive channel networks to sell their products, but it’s practically impossible for partners to retain each important piece of vendor information.

Believe me when I say there is a solution. Channel sales enablement is obtainable, and sales apps are becoming the simplest and most effective weapon of choice for vendors.

Mobile technology continues to play a big role in the customer’s shopping and buying experience. It’s important for sales reps, especially at the channel level, to have the right tools at their fingertips and avoid that awkward “let me get back to you” conversation.

And let’s face it, the playing field is no longer level.

Many companies that manage a distribution channel must contend with more competition, more products, tighter budgets, changes in customer expectations and knowledge, the need for distinction, and the demand to provide support and expertise for those handling your products.

Deploying tablets equipped with channel sales enablement apps for your distributors can be an invaluable game changer.

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Photo Credit: Richard Roche