Mobile marketers can learn a lot from the main character Piper Chapman in the hit Netflix original series ‘Orange Is the New Black’.

And no, ending up in prison is not what I’m talking about.

If you’re not familiar with this popular series, it’s about a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to prison after being convicted of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself where’s the connection for mobile marketers here, right?

The need to adapt and change.

According to a new research report from Gartner, buyers are now “newly empowered and informed” and are “taking control of the sales cycle”. Surely this is causing sleepless nights for many sales leaders, but marketing shouldn’t be counting sheep about this either.

Tiffani Bova, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, says in the report that IT, sales and marketing have “failed to keep up” with the change these new buyers bring.

“Providers have long been accustomed to defining not only what customers will buy (the product), but also how they will buy it (the sales model),” said Bova.

Change for mobile marketers won’t be easy. Change never is. But to survive, it’s inevitable.

Piper is not the same person from when she arrived and started serving time at Litchfield Penitentiary. It was her ability to change in the moment by gaining allies within her new prison lifestyle, and learning from mistakes, that allowed her to develop a survival strategy.

No matter how foreign Litchfield must have felt for Piper once she arrived on the scene, she had to adapt and change to survive.

Mobile marketers of today need to adapt and change.

Mobile marketers can’t rely on solely on printed materials and wait for feedback from field reps to make changes.

What mobile marketers need to understand is the importance of continuing to invest in improving sales enablement, sales training and sales processes as prospects and buyers look to the quality of their direct interactions as a main influence on their decisions during their buying process.

Mobile sales tools, like B2B sales apps and business apps for iPad, are designed to change with your field rep teams.

A single business app or multiple business apps for different divisions or product lines makes managing digital collateral easy. By syncing every single piece of collateral to your team’s iPads, tracking what collateral is being used, and observing metrics for sales reps driving the most revenue, mobile marketers can change the way their products are sold by adapting to their customer’s style.

Mobile marketers want to fill their sales funnel faster by incorporating core business systems like CRM and marketing automation for new sales leads and proper nurturing. Sales apps allow those core business systems like or Marketo to link directly from their iPad, capturing every interaction from the field.

Mobile marketers need to address the increased expectations of today’s buyer. The ways and tools of yesterday in marketing no longer are parallel to the way customers want to be sold.

Adapt and change my fellow mobile marketers. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rotting away in the ‘shoe’.