Is your company getting ready for a new product line launch? It can be a stressful time for an organization of any size. After all, it’s not easy to fly in all of your sales reps and distributors for a product launch. But if your organization utilizes a sales enablement tool deployed on your rep’s tablets, it can be the key to a flawless launch to market.

The ole’ product life cycle

There is a standard progression for any product known as the product life cycle. Within the product life cycle are four stages: product introduction, product growth, product maturity and product decline. (You can use the same four stages for any new service an organization would launch as well.)

In the introduction stage of the product life cycle, it is the organization’s responsibility to make it as easy for their reps as possible to sell that new product right out of the gate. But there are common shortfalls many organizations experience with a new product line launch:

  • Reps have to learn new specs, details, pricing, etc. in a short amount of time. This can prolong the introduction stage of the product life cycle causing reps to slowly adopt selling the new product.
  • Reps visually need to learn what the new product line looks like and how it works. This can also stretch out the introduction stage causing reps to rely on product managers and engineers more.
  • I’m sure you can name other shortfalls to previous product launches you’ve experienced as well.

All any organization is trying to do is get through the introduction stage as quickly and effectively as possible so they can enter the growth stage and start earning revenue. After all, aren’t you? So how can sales enablement tools, like a customized sales app, compress that introduction stage, get your reps educated and ready to start selling your new product line? Here are just a few examples that will help your new product line launch.

Pre-sale refresher

With a sales enablement tool, it’s simple to build a quick reference document for your reps to look over before walking into a sales meeting or before a sales call. Think of it like your new product line launch battle card. Your reps can use this battle card to go over all of your new product line data in terms of how they should be positioning the new products.

Include your value proposition, competitor information for related products, use cases; all of this can be included in the battle card. Your reps can bring this document up in their sales enablement tool in the car or on the train before their meeting begins.

During the sales call

Similar to the battle card you can build for reps to reference before the meeting, you can easily create a digital sales packet for the meeting itself. Within this packet, get all the key information a rep would show a customer during the meeting or send a customer regarding your new product line launch synced into the sales enablement tool. This includes all of your new product line information: Videos, PDF brochures, product specs and details, SKU numbers for product ordering, special introductory pricing.

Your reps would pull up all of the information in the sales packet to show your customer during the call itself, then send the packet of information to the customer from their tablet for the customer to see later.

On the fly

You put together this big new product line launch presentation going over all the new products, pricing, SKUs, and collateral when these emails start showing up in your inbox: Crap, I forget everything from the launch. Can you remind me about…?

Reps can search for anything and everything from specific products to specific words in documents in their sales enablement tool thanks to keyword search capabilities. This feature will keep your reps from bugging you and your product team for reminders, and focused on the new products by utilizing their tablets and information already stored in their sales enablement tool.

Training and on-boarding

Any organization knows the benefits to periodical product training for the reps, so it makes sense to start making the sales enablement tool a cornerstone to any training sessions. This works not only for product training, but sales enablement tool training as well. You want to give your reps refresher courses not just on product lines, but the tools you gave them to sell those product lines.

And don’t forget about your new hires. The easiest way to bring new reps up to speed on both your product lines and your sales enablement tool is to train them on the tablets right out of the app itself.