How do you organize your products for customers and sales teams? Product groups, product lines, product categories, or something else? Companies told us their need to create deep, nested product categories that are navigatable to customers and easy to find when browsing their website.  At FatStax, we know you need to do this with your mobile sales tools, too.  With that in mind, FatStax introduces our Infinite Categories feature for all our platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Web Browser).

Having unlimited levels of product categories enables marketers to configure FatStax mobile to match the customer experience on their website. And it can help your sales teams by providing tools with familiar product categories. Your partner teams will appreciate it when it is similar to your existing sales portals.

How this works

In previous versions, FatStax was limited to two (2) levels of categories, Level 1 and Level 2 or Parent and Child levels.

Parent Category > Child Category 1 > Children

or to use a real world example

Clothing > Men’s Clothing > Red Polo Shirts.

With mobile databases that work offline, we previously kept this two level categorization to make the app more responsive for a better experience. But technology has allowed us to maintain the great user experience and give you more categorization options.

Now you can create as many deeper levels of categories as you want, thus Unlimited Categories.  Level 1, Level 2, Level 3… Level Infinity.

Great-Grand Parent > Grand Parent > Parent > Children. 

Clothing >Men’s Clothing > Hiking Clothing > Hiking Shoes > Trail Running Shoes > Infinity.

In CloudStax, it would look like this.

categories cms fatstax

On the iPad app, it will match exactly like this.

categories sales app


Instead of conforming your product categorization to FatStax, now FatStax can accommodate yours! For companies with complex product catalog needs, Infinite Categories gives you the ability to perfectly match your website or product literature, so that everything is familiar to end users when they open their mobile sales tool.

In addition, Unlimited Categories makes your app much easier to update since we can exactly match your known product catalog structure and don’t have to do any crazy excel math magic to squeeze everything into our old bi-level structure.

So what’s next?

Creating a better product for our customers is our promise, and now it’s time to take full advantage of it. Unlimited Categories will help you create a seamless user experience with your online presence. Ask us how to start using Unlimited Categories today!