This week, the App Store approved our first updated version 1.0.1 of FatStax for iPad. In it, we fixed a few issues and addressed feedback from customers. We wouldn’t call it a major upgrade (we are working on that now) but small issues can turn into big ones.

We don’t intend on letting that happen.

Here is what you can expect in the upgrade:

  • Compatible with iOS 4.2.
    We found that the new upgrade changed the authentication a bit resulting in having to tap several times to sync the data.
  • Sync and Downloads
    We added some enhancements to the sync process to make it more reliable and more robust.
  • Now Searching Categories
    Searching by “Title” will now include the categories and subcategories. This was a request from our users. This helps locate the products you need if you are looking for a specific product within a category. It helps to refine the results.
  • Web Page Button
    This is now grayed-out if there is no web link associated with the product. Previously, the app would try to find a web page even if there was not one. Now the button will not work if there is not a link to go to.
  • Price Format
    Products that are priced in the thousands now have commas in the right place to scan easier.

Thanks to all of our users for their feedback. We listen intently and value your input.

We are working on a major upgrade now and plan to make it available sometime in January. Contact us to give us more input on features.