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Ensuring iPad security measures are taken once you receive an iPad is incredibly important.

Whether you’re using your iPad in business for accessing customer record files, accessing financial records, or just storing photos, keeping information safe on your iPad should always be a top priority.

This article’s objective is to show you some different ways to make sure you’re using the right iPad security options on your device.

First things first: Is iOS safe?

For companies we talk with that are still considering equipping their sales reps with iPads, this is a common question we field.

“Is iOS really as safe as they say? Can we trust iOS with our most precious data?”

Let me put some iPad security concerns to rest here—yes, iOS for iPad is generally safer than other operating systems.

What Apple has done with iOS is enabled security features by default. Other key features such as device encryption are not even configurable. This way you can’t accidentally disable them opening the door for threats.

Another big security measure Apple took with iOS was approving each and every app made available for download in the AppStore.

Yes, even FatStax is an approved app.

The reason Apple makes apps go through this approval process is to ensure apps downloaded on to users’ devices are safe.

Now let’s get into some iPad security tips you’ll need to enact with your iPad.

Use a passcode to unlock your iPad

The biggest risks we’ve experienced with customers using their iPad is theft.

Somebody stealing your device or using it inappropriately without you knowing can cause serious headaches.

To keep somebody from getting their hands on your iPad, make sure to set up a passcode.

Here are some quick steps to set up a passcode:

  • Open Settings > General and tap Passcode Lock
  • Click Turn Passcode On
  • Enter a four digit PIN
  • Re-enter the four digit PIN
  • Tap “Require Passcode” and ensure it is set to “Immediately”
  • Tap Passcode Lock to get back to the Passcode Lock settings

If you’re looking for a more secure way to unlock your iPad, use a password instead of a passcode.

This will definitely ensure a higher level of security, but the combination must consist of letters and numbers to unlock your iPad rather than a four digit PIN.

  1. Tap Simple Passcode to Off
  2. Enter a password (But don’t use these password ideas)

A good practice in iPad security is not using the same passcode for multiple systems.

Too often we hear stories of people having their iPad stolen, and then access to their vital systems is breached.

Why? Their passwords were all the same for each system.

Don’t set you iPad passcode, password to access your CRM, or other proprietary systems as the same four digit PIN. Change it up for each login for the highest iPad security possible.

Get a strong case to protect your iPad

iPads can handle a short drop or two, but equipping your iPad with a strong protective case can add life to your device.

I was in Chicago a couple years ago with my co-worker Chuck for a trade show and he had his iPad out as we were riding in a cab.

As we paid and got out of the cab, Chuck lost his grip on his iPad and fell right on Michigan Avenue.

The screen shattered in so many pieces that you couldn’t tell what was on the screen.

Chuck could have used a strong protective case as they work best for people who use their iPad out of the office. I work at a desk and even have a case for my iPad.

There are many different characteristics you’ll want to ask yourself when looking for in an iPad case:

  • Function – Is this case built for working on a deep sea oil platform or built for working in an office building?
  • Durability – What kind of material will withstand the elements I’m putting my iPad through?
  • Style – Do I need something flashy or just something to get the job done?

When choosing the right case for iPad security, keep in mind what hazards you want to protect your iPad from and what you’re going to use your iPad for.

Here’s a buyer’s guide to iPad cases.

And yes, Chuck bought a case to go with his replaced iPad.

Keep your iPad in a safe place

I know this can be difficult when using an iPad for business and needing your device at a moment’s notice, but it’s important to remember a key to iPad security is keeping it in a safe place.

For people just getting accustomed to their iPad, I like to help them remember where to keep their iPad with this:

Would you put your most prized possession there?

It sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth if you want to keep your iPad safe.

Would you leave your most prized possession laying unattended in a hallway?

Would you leave your most prized possession right next to the pool or the shower?

Would you leave your most prized possession sitting on the passenger seat of your car overnight?

You get the idea.

Our co-founder Rusty spoke at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit earlier this month in San Francisco. He took his iPad up to use during his presentation and placed it on the podium.

That’s where it laid for the next session, as Rusty didn’t remember to bring it with him after the session ended.

If you know your iPad is with you in a safe place, it will be safe.

Fortunately for Rusty, someone spotted his iPad and held on to it for him until he was able to claim it.

Hold on to the dang thing

You would think this goes without saying, but it needs to be said.

A great iPad security tip is to remember to get a good handle of your device when you’re holding it.

One of our customers shared an unfortunate story one of their sales reps experienced while giving a presentation…

She was standing in a board room presenting to key decision makers while using AirPlay to display her PowerPoint presentation. She held her iPad to go from one slide to the next.

Then, the unthinkable. She dropped her iPad on the board room table, which then slammed on to the floor.

Luckily for her she kept her iPad is a protective case and there was no damage. The only damage experienced was losing the attention of her prospects while she gathered herself and her iPad after the drop.

If you’re out of the office, try keeping it in your briefcase or work bag until you need to use it. Then when you pull it out, hold the iPad with two hands firmly as much as possible.

What are some other iPad security tips you use? The more we know how to keep our iPads safe, the longer they will last.

Photo Credit: Kreg Steppe

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