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Mobile sales tool key metrics are vital to proving who is using your app and how.

I was recently working with a professional Sales Trainer named Tom during an training session in San Mateo, CA helping a customer of his better utilize their mobile app in sales situations.

Afterwards, we went out to dinner and he asked me how often did I think his customers should be checking mobile sales tool key metrics?

Me: Why?

Tom: Because, I’m curious what your customers do?

Me: Why?

Tom: Because I need to show that my training is successful and has an impact since companies pay me a lot of money.

Me: What would be the optimal time frame to show an effect from your training?

Tom: If I could share results monthly, that would probably be enough. But weekly, would blow their minds and allow me to catch any holes in the training.

Me: Then check your mobile sales tool key metrics weekly. Why not blow their minds and catch the reps that aren’t getting it?

Tom: Weekly? Oh my God I could never do that. I’m too busy.


And so it goes…

Business mobility has the potential to make enormous impacts on your organization, but we are mostly too busy to just check analytics on a weekly basis.

Yes, I even fail to do this far too often myself.

So to defeat my own self-defeating, too busy procrastinating ways, this is what we figured out.

In order to use metrics, they must be simple to access and up-to-date so you can scan them weekly.

If you have defined your 3-4 mobile sales tool key metrics (above), it should be easy to set up a report using a web-based interface in your CRM or within the backend or CMS of your mobile sales enablement tool. The report needs to be scannable so you can quickly see how your team is performing as a whole.

Even better is a simple email format that can be sent directly to VPs, Directors, and Area Managers once a week.

Results should and will fluctuate wildly during the year, but scanning mobile sales tool key metrics weekly will give the manager a sense of the ebb and flow of mobile app usage.

More important, it will give the manager the ability to see issues when updates and new features are rolled out in the mobile tool.

Additionally, managers will quickly see when a particular individual rep needs to be coached on the tool.

A quick response to issues is key to mobile success, and gives your team the confidence they are being supported fully.

So we recommend checking your mobile sales tool key metrics weekly. Yes, weekly.