win more sales with mobile sales tools

In the age of instant gratification and smart devices, sales reps expect to have the information they need at their fingertips to be effective during sales meetings with customers.

Heck, they expect this even if they’re out having coffee and strike up a conversation with another person from the business across the street.

We write a lot of content about how companies are using mobile sales apps to allow sales reps to focus on what they do best: selling your products and serviceassaaaaaaas

What’s the best way to do this?

There isn’t any one size fits all solution for companies, because you all sell so differently ;).

However, not one single sales team in the world is tasked to decrease profits.

Without even firing up your ERP, close your eyes and think of the 20% of your product lines and services that generate 80% of your profits.  I bet that was easy.

Oddly enough, many marketers don’t approach mobile sales tools with profit at the top of their minds.

Why not?

Wouldn’t your higher-ups be even happier with performance if you could directly point to your efforts as a profit-driver via the mobile sales tool you created?

Here are two easy ways best-in-class marketers are modifying their teams’ sales tools to sell more profitable items first:

1. Create quick “hot spots” for your top profit-driving products. 

Just like a website, people’s eyes are attracted to colors, words, and patterns in mobile apps.  A good sales tool on a smart phone will give you an easy way to configure “hot spots” that lead to information on profitable products with a few taps.

One idea we’ve seen gain a lot of traction is to utilize the “home screen” of the app to create these eye-catching hot spots.  Think of the home screen like the home page in your website. The first thing your team sees when they open the tool.

However, there is no reason you couldn’t just make the top folder in your DropBox account the goto “hotspot” for information on profitable products in the same way.

Finally, a hot spot takes away all the “I couldn’t find it” excuses, because it is right in your teams’ face when they open the app on their iPhone.

Can you think of an easy way to accomplish this in your app? We’d love to hear your take on it.

2. Simplify your mobile sales tool to focus on your top 20% of profitable products only. 

For some mobile app admins, this one is tough.  The promise of mobile is after all “everything at your fingertips.” While the approach in #1 keeps all your marketing collateral in one place, this one focuses down to the essentials.

We’ve seen a good number of companies in their third and fourth year of managing mobile sales tools that take this approach.  They simply remove everything that doesn’t directly lead to selling more profitable items.

No matter your approach, promoting the products with the highest profit margins is always a winning method to get measurable value out of your team’s mobile sales app and smart devices.

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