1,000’s of Fliers and Editable Templates

With our marketing mobile apps, you’ll never get another email about the webinar template, email template, or latest deal sheets. Marketers can rest easy with our tools for sales reps and Marketing Support Solutions from FatStax.

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-plus-5″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Simple Marketing Asset Search” color_heading=”#333333″ target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-left” scroll_delay=”300″]With the proper marketing support solutions, your field teams can search offline by file name, file type or keyword to find the right asset instantly.  In our Marketing Support Apps, each asset has its own designated page to detail where and how a specific asset should be used, and share them with your desktop or local creative teams.[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-plus-5″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Assign Marketing Assets Instantly” color_heading=”#333333″ target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-left” scroll_delay=”300″]Provide your marketing team access to webinars, email templates, support requests, product manager contact information, all in a single secure app – anytime, anywhere. With our marketing mobile apps, teams can categorize by file type, campaign, sales cycle asset and more from our secure Content Management System. Add as many as you need and you can even set up permission rules so the right assets go to the right team members.[/dt_iconbox][dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-plus-5″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Secure Documents” color_heading=”#333333″ target=”_blank” spy=”uk-animation-slide-left” scroll_delay=”300″]Sometimes your sales and marketing teams need to access collateral that shouldn’t be sent to customers. Simply tick the secure box in your Content Management System after uploading a file and it can’t be emailed from your Marketing Support Apps.[/dt_iconbox]