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Marketing Automation Meet Mobility

Without a doubt, the iPad has taken the business world by storm. Along with it has risen a new breed of marketing tools that take advantage of the connectivity, the “sharability”, and storage capacity of the device called “mobile sales platforms”.  Although mobile selling platforms are in their infancy compared to Marketo and similar systems, their power is instantly obvious as witnessed by thousands during Mark Benioff’s keynote address during Dreamforce 2012.

Here’s a quick primer: Companies utilize Mobile Sales Platforms to deliver digital content to their customers, collect lead contact information, and push information to their CRM system for follow-up.

Sound familiar?  A novice might describe marketing automation in the exact same way.

Based on this similarity, mobility is the untapped new channel for marketing automation.

Like your best marketing automation campaigns, you can push out dynamic content to iPads. Segment your market, test messages, and adapt to preferences. You’ll get real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing assets and discover, via the field sales rep, the iPad content that works best to convert your audience into customers. You don’t have to wait for a monthly meeting where sales gives feedback to marketing. You will see ‘interesting moments’ as they occur in the sales field.

With this overlap in roles, marketing teams will benefit from the nuances of a salesperson’s personal visits and interactions that would have ended with a tattered business card at the bottom of a briefcase now becoming a warm lead ripe for nurturing.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

At Dreamforce 2012, we put this idea to the test.  Pairing specific brochures on our iPads to our marketing automation platform.  The result was a whopping 17.6% response rate to a triggered campaign, while still at the conference.  That is marketing gold!

You can read the details here (/ipad-tradeshow-app-in-action-salesforce-3/).

Where do you see the future leading for pairing mobility and marketing automation? Let me know in comments below.


Full Disclosure: Dr. Rusty Bishop is head of  sales and marketing for FatStax, Mobile Sales Platform and, he uses Marketo daily.  He spends far too much time creating new ways to use the iPad to drive sales and solve business issues.  When he isn’t he’s flyfishing in the Southern California surf. You can contact him directly at, @jrustybishop, or by LinkedIn (