My first car was a Ford Bronco. I still remember that incredible feeling of freedom I had when I first hit the 405 by myself. I merged onto the 5 and realized nothing could stop me. I could go anywhere. I could do anything. In a sense, my first car helped get me where I am today.

Where is that? Today I am privileged to help thousands of enterprise sales and marketing professionals experience that same feeling of freedom. Together, we are traveling the open road of an expanding movement: business mobility.

Mobility means different things to different people. In fitness, it’s about flexibility and range of motion. For disabled people mobility requires a wheelchair or accessible van. In business, mobility generally refers to the adoption of mobile technologies to improve business processes. But for everyone, mobility, as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

1. the ability or tendency to move from one position or situation to another usually a better one 2. ability to move quickly and easily

Who in sales and marketing wouldn’t want to move from “one situation to another usually a better one”? That is the promise business mobility holds. We haven’t even begun to tap the power of business mobility to advance our careers and boost bottom lines.

Pagers and cell phones first brought business mobility to enterprise workplaces. You had the freedom to step away from your desk without missing an important call. Then you got a laptop. It was great for taking notes or working on documents in a coffee shop, but it was largely useless before widespread Internet access and enterprise support.

Today the smart phone has become the ubiquitous, personal business mobility tool. You can get calls and make calls. You can use 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi. It holds your calendar. It’s your primary email tool. You text your spouse, you show off pictures of the kids and dogs, and you play games. You think it’s pretty cool.

Whether you got your first cell phone in 1985 or 2005, did you ever think it would be all that? It’s time to stretch our imaginations and envision the next key to business mobility:

The iPad

Where will the iPad take us? Whatever your job and wherever you do it, the iPad has the potential to solve business problems. It can save money, improve resource management, generate sales leads, gather marketing data, enhance your customers’ experiences, and so much more.

Getting from good to great with the iPad takes more than an iPad. It takes a commitment. In the next post, we’ll talk about how an organization-wide commitment to iPad adoption backed by ongoing training and support can deliver true business mobility.