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To some, sales app adoption in business can easily be compared to getting a kid to like going to the dentist.

I was one of those kids that hated going to the dentist.

The smell of the place. Hearing the drill from the waiting room. Sitting in that chair with the bright light in my eyes. Then having some stranger stick their fingers and tools in my mouth.

This was my nightmare twice a year.

What was an uncomfortable experience soon became, well, fun.

I’m a huge Notre Dame football fan, and that came into play for my next dentist check-up.

Sitting in the dentist waiting room where music from some light rock radio station typically played, the Notre Dame victory march came on!

It helped me feel comfortable, and adopt a more positive feeling towards the dentist.

It became fun.

Sales app adoption needs to be fun.

In business when sales teams are forced to start using something new, like a sales rep app for iPad, it’s important to find ways to engage and motivate them to adopt change.

More importantly, get them to realize its value and encourage them to use the app.

There are numerous ways to encourage sales app adoption using things like reward programs or incentives to drive usage rates up. Plus, it makes things fun for your team!

Here are some ways to incorporate some fun and increase your sales app adoption:

Creating a rewards program

An easy way of tracking progress is creating a points system for your team. By handing out and tallying points, you can track your team’s sales app adoption progress.

For example, a user would receive 10 points for sending out 20 pieces of digital collateral from the sales app. Or as simple as one point for opening the app on their device. You can also subtract points from users for not using certain functions of the sales app.

Break up field groups into team

This is a great way to promote a team spirit and get users to help one another drive your sales app adoption.

You could also use these groups for feedback on the app. What content is lacking? Which functions need tweaked? The group with the best idea could be rewarded for their suggestions to help increase sales app adoption.

Encourage mentorship

Whether you break up your team into groups or track sales app adoption on an individual basis, it’s important to recognize your champion users that will mentor others.

These mentors can take users struggling with sales app adoption under their wings. You can then reward the mentor and user for achieving desired adoption results.

Use games to keep users engaged

Sales app adoption for your entire team won’t happen over night. You have to keep them engaged, and using games can help.

Every month or quarter, get your team together for a sales app themed game of Jeopardy. The categories and questions would be based on different topics or functions pertaining to the app.

Highlight success in internal communications

If you have a company newsletter, be sure to use it to your sales app adoption advantage with usage tips and highlight user success stories.

This is a great opportunity to reach the masses and give examples how the sales app is helping certain reps hit their numbers. Plus, throw in a tip from that rep into the message. This way they can share how they were successful using the app.

Sales app adoption should be fun

You have to remember to some members of your team, sales app adoption feels like sitting in the dentist office waiting room wanting to be anywhere else. By adding a little fun into the mix, your sales app adoption rates will increase.

And so will the number of opportunities your team closes!

Photo Credit: Face Me